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5 Perfect Ways to Get Away With a Murderer

How to Get Away With a Murderer


How to get away with murder” is an American drama television series that premiered on ABC channel on September 25th 2014. You must watch the clips of this show to adjudge how one can run away with a murder. A murderer is the one who commits a murder and when you are involved with someone suspected to commit a murder, you come equally in danger as the one who accompanies a murderer is also considered of equal value in front of the law and thus even he or she is jailed as a punishment. The laws of some countries are rather very much strict and in order to get away with a murderer, you can follow the following ways:-

How to Get Away With a Murderer

How to Get Away With a Murderer

1. Find a Perfect Hideout:-

First of all, you will have to find a perfect hideout for yourself. This can be a rest house, a guest house or even a lounge where you can stay for hours and that too without being caught by police. You should also change your identity while registering yourself with the booking register of place where you are staying. If staying at such places is not safe, you can even find a way for yourself in some tunnel or cave as well.

2. Stay Away From Police Checking:-

Stay away from police checking check posts as you are very much likely to be asked for an identity at such places. Besides this, you should change your facial details by applying make-up, beard, mustache etc. so that no-one may easily be able to recognize you.

3. Change Your Get Up:-

Change your get-up with a get up in which no-one recognizes you. This includes your dress, your accessories, your shoes and even your way of talking. Abstain from swiping your credit card anywhere.
Do not make even a single payment from your bank credit card or ATM card as even it can prove to provide your location to the cops.

4. Cross the National/International Boundaries:-

Never use a single vehicle for traveling and instead keep on changing vehicles like you change clothes. Do not make theft for vehicles as else you may get caught, but if you have some jewelry or valuable accessory with yourself, you can bring it in use to be able to cross national/international boundaries as soon as possible.

5. Cross Nautical Miles:-

There is no legal way to cross national boundaries using airways as they follow strict checking schedule where all your details along with your passport, visa and identities are also checked, but instead you can choose to travel through sea root by hiring a cargo ship to take you along with them in exchange of some valuable thing or money. Though it will be illegal, but still it is far much better than traveling through the airways as once you cross the desired nautical mile limit of the nation, no-one can bring you back in order to punish you for a particular offense. Just move away as far as you can and establish a new, better and crime free life earning your bread like an ideal native of the country.


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