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How to Get a Lean Body Without Going to the Gym


Lean body is simply the normal human body with fats eliminated. The one who is not over-weighted is also called lean. To have a lean body means the body with your biceps, triceps and abs seen and to get rid of the body fats. People shed every drop of their sweat in order to get this kind of body by joining weight training programs and gym’s and also choose to bring costly weights and machines in their house, but here I have bought a simple fitness training program for you that does not includes use of any gym equipment at all.

How to Get a Lean Body without Gym

How to Get a Lean Body Without Gym

1. Keep Your Machines by the Side and Begin:-

Yes, you do not need machines when I am here helping you with this approach. Actually, every human has abs and everyone has biceps and even triceps. These biceps and triceps get hidden behind the body fats that keep on getting accumulated and piled up in your body with each dose of butter or oils that you consume. In order to gain a lean body, our first approach will be to reduce the consumption of all the fat rich foods.

2. Drink Maximum Water:-

Here comes the time to start working on the pre-accumulated fats in the body. In order to reduce such fats, you will need to drink as much water as you can. I know it will make you urinated frequently and thus it is best if this approach is followed in the beginning of your day when you wake up from your bed. It is better if the water is boiled and then cooled first of all before drinking.

3. Start Climbing Stairs Daily:-

The staircase that you bring in use daily for reaching the upper floors of your house can really help you in this direction. Instead of spending money in gym, take 20-30 rounds of the same staircase daily. If the stair steps are large in number, you can limit a particular portion for yourself. Say two to three floors with 20-30 rounds of ups and downs daily or you can reduce the number of rounds. The rounds can be increased depending on your capability and wish.

4. Eat Raw Bottle Gourd and Bitter Gourd:-

Start eating raw bitter gourd and bottle gourd. You can also juice them up to consume daily. Adopt exercises like aerobic exercises, cardio exercises, meditation and yoga in your schedule, but remember to focus on your diet as well. Remove the sugar and extra calories from your diet and besides this, add yoghurt, milk, eggs and simply every other stuff rich in proteins to your diet.

5. Plan before You Begin:-

Work on a perfect plan before beginning your lean body fitness program. First of all wake-up and have water as much as your body allows you. Secondly, go for urination or to eject stool. Now third, take two cups of yoghurt or yolk out of two eggs mixed with some milk. Wait for thirty to forty minutes and then reach the staircase for taking multiple rounds of it. Try skipping or exercises like aerobic exercises, cardio or simply any other stretching based exercises that involve toning of your muscles. If you are at home or if it is raining, just start jogging while standing in the same place. You will soon have a lean body.


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