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How Gender is Determined in Humans

How Sex Is Determined In Humans


In humans, there are basically two kinds of sexes. Though there have been a few more like lesbians and gay etc. introduced in the contemporary world, but still the base sexes and the major and initial or the basic ones are only the two named male as well as female and talking about the determination of sex, there are various approaches available for this purpose and some of these have been mentioned by us in this article.

How Gender is Determined in Humans

How Gender is Determined in Humans

1. Ultra Sound:-

The first and foremost approach that can be bought in use to determine the sex of a baby in womb is to go for the ultrasound, but it has always stayed under various controversies as people go for sex selective abortions after they come to know about the sex of their child and this is why it is banned in most of the places. Even in India to go for ultrasound for sex selective abortion is considered to be an offense and thus you might find difficulties while trying to go for it.

2. Watching Out the Private Parts:-

God has made both the sexes in a different way. After the baby gets born, you may simply watch out its lower part to check if it is a baby boy or a baby girl. If it is a male baby, it will be born with a penis and else it will be born with a vagina. This can also be used to judge after birth, sex of the baby.

3. The Voice As Well As Delicacy:-

Even if there is no such clue about the baby, you may choose to judge this with the help of the voice associated with the baby. The baby will have a soft kind of voice if it is a baby girl and else if it is a baby boy, it will develop a hard kind of speech tone. The baby girl is likely to be much more delicate than the baby boy as well.

4. The Medical Approaches:-

There are certain other approaches to know the sex of the baby that can be availed with the help of a medical professional. You are advised to accept the baby whatever the sex it comes with as in today’s world, the daughters are not even an inch less than the sons in any aspect of life.

5. Partially With The “X” & “Y” Concept:-

The “X” and “Y” concept of knowing if the baby would be a girl or a boy can also be bought in use to judge if the baby will be a girl or boy. To get more details about this method, you may feel a need to research about it more in the biology books having the chapter of sexual reproduction in it. The “x” & “y” Method can prove to bring about the closest of results in every aspect of judging the sex of a baby.


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