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5 Facts Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal


A gay is the person attracted to the other person of the same sex. Generally, the society permits only one kind of marriage and it is a marriage of male with female. People think that only a male and a female were destined to be married with each other. When we talk about a gay marriage, riots and issues are likely to arise as it is the case of a marriage of two people of the same sex. In my view, marriage is destined to take place between a partner and another partner. Not a gender and the other gender. Gay marriages should thus be permitted as else a flood of problems will arise and a kind of imbalance will be created in the society. A gay marriage should be allowed because of following reasons:-

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

5 Facts Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

1. The Divorce Rate Get Decreased If We Allow Gay Marriage:-

These days only a small number of marriages are reported to be successful. The rate of divorce is as high as 50% in some of the English countries. If gay marriages are allowed, a downfall in divorce rate will be observed as much of the people will start finding perfect partners for themselves according to their interest.

2. It Will Eliminate the Feeling of Lust and Encourage Freedom of Thoughts:-

There are many villages in some nations which never encourage freedom of thoughts as they have orthodox beliefs to follow. In order to encourage freedom of thoughts in such nation, gay marriages should be allowed as it will prove to be a lesson for such people and it will bring about a significant upliftment of such nations. The feeling of lust will also get eliminated as people will be able to find a person of their own sex as a partner.

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3. The Rape Cases Will Get Reduced:-

Allowing gay marriages can also bring about a desired downfall in number of rape cases. These days many cases of harassment were reported where a gay was not being allowed to marry a person of his/her choice and thus a rape took place out of lust. If we allow gay marriages, such rape cases will also get eliminated from society.

4. It Will Boost The Country’s Economy:-

For those who will try to cut my points and mark them as ridiculous, let me tell you that in countries like New York etc. thousands of gay couples are already accepted by the society and they are living peacefully with others. This has also bought about an economic boost in such nations as the areas like Manhattan expect a revenue of about nine million dollars within just the first year if legalization of such marriages.

5. To Reduce the Suicide Cases:-

Most of the people commit suicide when they feel alone in life because of lack of a partner in their lives. The ratio of boy-girl ratio is very much less in some of the countries and as a result, much of guys stay unmarried. By making gay marriages legalized, we can also reduce the number of suicides committed by such people. Even a number of homeless children would be adopted by such couples, which is expected to bring about a desired improvement in the lives of such children as well.


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