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How Garlic Prevents Lung Cancer

How Garlic Prevents Lung Cancer


Lung cancer is one of the most dangerous carcinoma forms that include the growth of uncontrolled formation of cells that grow in tissues of the lung. It is a health problem that everyone fears from. Researchers believe that if you take garlic cloves daily in your food, this cancer won’t happen to you. It is still controllable in initial stages, but if the growth keeps on continuing, it can even spread beyond the lungs into nearby tissue which makes the person further diseases. Garlic, also known by the name “Lehsun” in Hindi is a member of onion genus and is also known by the name Ilium sativum. The way in which Garlic consumption can help you in the prevention of lung cancer can be explained as follows:-

How Garlic Prevents Lung Cancer

How Garlic Prevents Lung Cancer

1. Beneficial if taken raw:-

Garlic is good for you if you take it cooked. It is more beneficial for you if you take it raw. An analysis of studies of seven populations has generated a conclusion that if you consume garlic each day, there will be a lower risk of stomach and colorectal cancer. It also included a point that garlic keeps your lungs healthy.

2. Beneficial Against The Growth of Tumors:-

Lung cancer is characterized by the growth of uncontrolled formation of cells that grow in the tissue of lungs often described by the term “tumor: It has been found that if there is some tumor taking place on skin and we apply garlic juice on it, the tumor growth is likely to get controlled. As lung cancer is associated with an internal organ (Lung) of the body, we can’t physically apply garlic but at least we can eat it up. The juices are best absorbed in body and thus it will 100% show a positive kind of effect.

3. The Ability To Block Formation of Cancer Causing Substances:-

It has rather been seen that garlic has the ability to block the formation of cancer causing substances and if you consume it daily, your body becomes immune against the formation of such cancer causing agents which is why it can help you a lot in getting immune against cancer of lungs.

4. Enhanced DNA Repair And Contains Anticancer Qualities:-

I had read somewhere that even the NCI (National Cancer Institute) which is a part of NIH (National Institute of Health) does not consider any dietary supplement fit for the prevention of cancer, but it strongly recommends people to start eating garlic as they believe that it is one of the vegetables with potential anticancer properties.

5. Excessive Consumption To Be Avoided:-

Just because garlic is found helpful in reducing risk of lung cancer, it does not mean that eating it all the time will make you immortal and rather excessive consumption of garlic can also lead you to side effects like a strong breath or body odor as well. Garlic otherwise, is bad for breath, but good for lungs.

6. What Happens When You Eat Garlic:-

Sulfur compounds get formed when you crush it or chop it. Such sulfur compounds are thought to be medicinal in nature. Even if you chew it raw, the volatile oils contained in it get breathed in and are mostly excreted via lungs, which prove to safeguard them against cancer or carcinoma of lungs and thus you can try garlic in order to safeguard yourself against cancer of the lungs.


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