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How to Make Your Garden Private in Fairyland

How to Make Your Garden Private in Fairyland


Developers keep on developing games and applications for social network users to keep playing them in their pass time when no friend is online. Fairyland is also one such application developed by the developers for users to connect it with their Facebook account and to use it in order to play in their pass time building gardens of mushrooms accomplishing the tasks in the fairyland. Fairyland was released in 2008 and since then it has claimed more than 731,366 (Recorded in 2010) monthly active users. When you play this game, you can build your gardens and when you wish to make your garden private while playing this game, the following tips will be helpful for you:-

How to Make Your Garden Private in Fairyland

How to Make Your Garden Private in Fairyland

1. Beginning the game:-

Fairyland game begins when we connect the game server with our Facebook profile giving the game all permissions that it asks for. When the game starts, it will ask us if we would like to choose an elve or a fairy. You can name the character that you choose afterwards and you can begin purchasing the pots and plants to make your garden.

2. Make your feeding platters empty:-

In order to make your garden private, you will need to make feeding platters empty first of all or else you won’t be able to make your garden private. Reach the “Alerts” option in your garden to find options for privacy. This option is located by the right hand side of your garden in “about this garden” section.

3. Scroll down to set maximum alert:-

Scroll down with the track pad or mouse to bottom of screen and click the “Set Maximum alert” option for your garden. Reaching downside, you will find an option to make your garden private clicking which no-one except your Facebook friends will be able to access your garden and to watch it.

4. Grow the Right Plants And Report Abuse the Gardens with Inappropriate Content:-

Your strategy in this game should be to grow right kind of plants in your garden and if you visit a garden by chance which contain inappropriate material, you should immediately report abuse by scrolling again to the bottom of screen and then clicking the “Report this garden” option provided there.

5. Deter a certain type of wildlife out of your garden:-

There can be certain types of wildlife that you won’t wish to see in your garden. You can prevent such life forms from entering your garden by growing the deterring plants in it. There are some plants which reduce the chances of certain life forms from entering your garden and thus you can grow up such plants to deter such wild animals.

6. Remove the friends that you do not wish to connect with:-

If there is a player from your Facebook friendlist who appears to be a trouble for you even after applying privacy with the game, just unfriend him from Facebook so that he may not be able to visit your garden in any situation. Once you unfriend someone, the privacy applied makes it impossible for him to enter your garden.


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