How to Gain Weight in 1 Month Naturally

How to Gain Weight in 1 Month Naturally


Weight is something that everyone feels cared about. If you have more than needed weight, you are expected to look for the approaches to reduce it and if you have very much less weight, you are expected to look for the approaches to gain it. This is the rule of life that one should keep weight maintained according to his age and height. If you are also amongst the people who lack weight, some simple changes with your diet can really make you gain it in a favorable way. Here are some such changes which once adopted can make you gain a healthy amount of weight:-

How to Gain Weight in 1 Month Naturally

How to Gain Weight in 1 Month Naturally

1. Eat Proteins Rich Diet:-

Eating a diet rich in proteins is simply the best way of gaining weight naturally. Proteins rather help you to gain a healthy body weight besides ensuring a proper growth of muscles and tissues. One does not just gains with protein rich diet, but rather he stays much healthier as well as strong.

2. Milk Powder:-

Milk powder is a substitute for milk, but if you add it to your diet, you can fetch your body with a suitable amount of proteins as well as Calcium content which proves to be an awesome substitute for enriching one’s bones and joints. It has rather been seen that the people who consume milk powder often have an extra weight as compared to the ones not doing so.

3. Banana Slices Added With Milk:-

Chop off a few bananas with the help of a knife and take a bowl mixing these slices of banana with sugar in it along with a significant amount of milk taken in it. This banana rich drink is one of the best and healthy options to put on some weight and that too in a natural and side effect free manner.

4. Nuts and Peanut Butter:-

Add nuts and raisins to your diet plan in order to gain weight. If peanut butter is available in the kitchen, start applying it on your sandwiches or chapattis when you consume them. This will make you gain a healthy amount of weight soon. Don’t let your weight get increased in an excess and thus keep on monitoring your intake or such substances keeping your weight in consideration with each coming day.

5. Sugar Sweetened Beverages and Smoothies:-

Normally we abstain children from consuming smoothies in an extra amount, but if someone wishes to put off some more weight, he or she should start consuming smoothies, sweetened beverages and other such drinks as it has been proven medically that such drinks increase human weight.

How to Gain Weight in 1 Month Naturally

6. Whole Wheat Bread and Pasta:-

Whole wheat bread applied with butter or jam suits the best when you wish to gain weight. Besides this, the food items like pasta, macaroni etc. can even help you in this direction. Though eating junk food is not advised to stay healthy, but you can gain weight even by eating food items like chowmean etc.


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