How to Make Sure Only Friends Can See Photos on Facebook

How to Ensure Only Friends See Photos on Facebook


Facebook is a social networking platform founded in February 2004 which enables you to connect and chat with your friends. This social networking platform founded by Mark Zukerberg and other of its co-founders is simply a marvelous multi-lingual platform for chatting and even calling and video calling, image, video and location sharing etc. When you make an account on Facebook, anyone can see your pictures till you do not apply privacy with it and in order to make your photos private, you have to enable privacy. In order to make your photos been seen only by your Facebook friends, you can bring in use the following tips:-

How to Make Sure Only Friends Can See Photos on Facebook

Make Sure Only Friends Can See Photos on Facebook

1. Making Changes With The Photo Being Uploaded:-

  • When you are uploading a particular photograph from your Android phone’s gallery on Facebook application, the photograph is first loaded into the Facebook application and you can see it there.
  • Now on the bottom portion of the same page of this application, you will find four icons, one out of which will be the icon to upload more photos, the second icon will be the icon to tag your friends, and third icon will be to add your mood and fourth icon will be to change your location.
  • On the top portion of the same application where “Post to Facebook” is written, you will view an option to change privacy under it. This option will be displayed in the form of a globe icon written with a tag of “Public” written against it. Now when you click the same icon, you can change it to “Friends” or “only me” depending on your personal preferences.

2. Making Changes with the Photo Already Uploaded:-

  • In Order to make changes with a pre-uploaded picture, just reach it and click “Edit” option and then click edit privacy option setting the privacy to desired form and then click the save button.
  • When you create a new album, you can set its privacy to “friends” or “only me” in advance to make all the photos uploaded in it be saved according to your pre-set privacy needs.
  • When you upload a photograph with privacy set as “Public” and later-on you realize that the picture needs to be applied with privacy, you can still change the privacy by clicking the globe like icon depicted with the picture. Just click this icon and set privacy to “Friends” and no-one except your friends will be able to see that picture.

3. Never expect it with your profile picture:-

Your profile picture stays public even if you apply privacy with it and thus anyone can download it by opening it in the Facebook application clicking the screenshot or by giving the print screen command on his/her computer or laptop. In such cases, you should choose either a low quality version of your photograph or you should use any photograph other than your own picture with your profile to avoid others from being able to download it.

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