Why Friends are Important in Our Life

Why Friends Are Important In Life


Take a weighing balance and half side you put all the wealth of this world and half side you put a friend. The weighing balance will always stay tilted towards a friend’s side than being tilted towards wealth as friends come with benefits and they are the best gift that life ever could give us. Friends are really important in life as we can’t survive without friendship. Without a friend, life is solitary as well as alone, but when you have a friend, life gets easy to live and full of fun. When you have friends, you enjoy every bit of your life and thus friends are very much important in life.

Why Friends are Important in Our Life

Why Friends are Important in Our Life

1. You can play with them:-

Obviously, friends are the ones whom you can play with. You can dance with them when you feel like dancing and you can enjoy season’s best rains with them. A friend in need is a friend indeed and this gets proven when they serve as a company in such time sharing the best of moments together with you.

2. You Can Share Your Ideas with Them:-

A friend is not a friend just because of enjoyment only, but you can also take notes from them when you stay absent from the class. They make proxy for you when attendance is going on. They make projects and presentations for you when you are ill and you can share all your ideas with them.

3. A Perfect Councilor:-

A friend is a perfect councilor. Suppose there is a girl or boy you have fallen in love with and you are not able to describe it in words. Your friend will come to know about it even when you don’t tell him about it and he or she will always come up with the best advice. A friend can council you even in the other aspects of life walking with you step by step teaching you to be positive in life.

4. Someone to Share Food and Joys with:-

You can sit and share food with your friends. You can eat their lunch if you forgot to bring it and they won’t even mind it. You can borrow pen and paper from friends when you forget to bring it in the lecture and you can share simply all other kinds of joys with your friends.

5. Never Leave You Even in the Bad Time:-

A friend won’t ever leave your hands even in the bad time of your life. You can forget a friend when you meet someone to make love with, but they will stay together with you in your joys and sorrows forgiving all what you do to them. Once friends mean always friends and thus friends are important in life.

6. Stay with You Because of No Ill Intentions:-

Friends never stay with you because of some false or ill motive. They are friends because they are friends and there is no other substitute reason in between. They are ready to beat your enemies when someone stands against you and they take a stand for you whenever you need it. It will be wrong thus to say that friends come with benefits and rather I would say that friends are themselves the best benefit from life to any person.


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