Best Free Calling Software From PC To Mobile

Free Calling Software From PC To Mobile


when you have paid bucks for the gadget and spent your surplus on internet, there comes the need to have the benefit of it by availing all the services that the gadget can provide you and one among these is free calling, when you are paying monthly internet bills, there is no need to pay the excess phone bill for calling your relatives and friends, what you need to have is just a speaker on your personal computer along with a mic or instead to purchase both the devices, you can accommodate to purchase a head phone and a free calling application like umicall or viber or skype or nimbuzz installed on your personal computer so that the moment you wish to talk to some one, you just put the pin of your head phone in the sound slot and call the desired person you want to talk with.

Best Free Calling Software From PC To Mobile

Best Free Calling Software From PC To Mobile

Free Calling Applications :-


the user just needs to make an account on this web site and then he or she can call directly with the help of internet to the other user.


Skype is the most trusted application today to use online free calling facility on personal computers. Skype provides the features like video calling and mobile calling and international calling to its customers. You just have to ask for the I.D. of the person you want to talk with and you can call him or her whenever he or she is online.


nimbuzz is another application like Skype that can be accessed online on internet. this application just includes making an I.D. on the web site and the user can call directly to the relative on the other side.

Applications Like WeChat And Facebook :-

nowadays even the social networking websites like face book and we chat come with video calling and phone calling. The people with an account on face book can call the user directly and talk with him or her by using a web cam or using a head phone and the other applications like we chat even offer talk time to their users for chatting and calling from their application or web site.

though there are many advantages of free web calling saving the balance of the user and providing quality calling to the customer but it still has some drawbacks as the user has to be online much of the time to wait for the other user to come online in some of the cases where the user has to make an online account but nowadays applications like “line”,”viber” and “we chat” offer calling directly to the phone numbers of your friends and relatives. Moreover, sitting in front of personal computer screen for a long period is likely to damage your sight and having headphones plugged in your ears full day can even damage your hearing. Thus you need to have precautionary measures each time you use web calling.


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