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How to Frame a Roof for Tree House

How to Frame a Roof for Tree House


A tree house is a house made of woods on the top of a tree. Just like a bird builds its nest on the treetop, people build tree houses for their children so that they may be able to play up there in their secret office. Most of the people succeed in creating the rest of the body of their tree house, but they face difficulty when they move towards building the roof of their tree house. In order to build a perfect roof for your tree house, you need some equipments and a bit of knowledge as well as ideas. If you have to frame the roof of your tree house, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Frame a Roof for Tree House

How to Frame a Roof for Tree House

1. Gather the Equipments:-

You will need the equipments like drill, saw, screws etc. in order to cut the wooden board/plates etc and to give them a cover up to prevent water of rains from entering your tree house. Most people build the roof with the help of wooden board strips, cut with the help of saw layering a thick plastic film over it and then they position leaves of the same tree over their tree house to make it water proof.

2. Cut off the Ridge:-

Take the measurements and cut off the ridge. Use ladder to be able to reach the tree top and build an initial structural pillar for the roof to stand on it. Chop off thick strips of wood in order to attach them in the hut like form arranging them over this pillar and then we can move ahead positioning the flat sheets of board over the roof.

3.  Begin Layering The Wooden Board Sheets:-

Note down the length and width specifications for the wooden structure/frame of roof so developed and now we can calculate the area to decide the amount of wooden board sheets needed to cover up this area. The sheets should have same length and width specifications to adjust properly within the wooden frame of your tree house roof.

4. Trim with the Help of Saw wherever needed:-

Begin from the one side of roof shaping up the wood with the help of sand paper and wood file machine. Trim it wherever needed and fix all the wooden sheets at their proper place like this. Make holes with the help of drill machine positioning drill bits of proper thickness and thus you can move on to the other side of the roof.

5. Position the Nuts And Bolts:-

Position the nuts and bolts wherever needed. The rest of fixing process gets made by using the iron nails and a hammer. You can also use fiber sheets over your roof top to make it perfectly water proof or you can lay a plastic sheet or polythene sheet over it as well. Inspect the roof top once it gets positioned and fixed over the rest of tree house to check if it still needs to be mended from somewhere.


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