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Four Ways to Open ISO File in Windows 7

How to Open ISO File


The files with an “.ISO” extension can be regarded as the ISO files and these ones are the archive files of an optical disc. This one can be regarded as the disc image composed of the data content from every written sector of the optical disc. These ones can be created from optical disc by using disk imaging software and are basically a sector by sector copy of the disc data. In order to open these files, you can follow a simple approach and that includes the usage of a compression utility that you can download online from internet and the steps further have been explained here by me.

Four Ways to Open ISO File in Windows 7 - HowFlux

Four Ways to Open ISO File in Windows 7

1. Software For Compression:-

The compression utility simply is used to compress the files by combining them. All the files that you need to compressed The files are selected first and then right click is pressed. You can find your compression utility out there in the options and make the desired compression. Suppose earlier the file size was 5MB, later it will get 2MB after compression is made. The compression utility in my system is WinRar, but you can download some other as well. You can download this one from internet from its website i.e.

2. Other Similar Software:-

As I told you earlier, there are countless other compression utility software available online that you can download in order to open up the .ISO files and one amongst such software is zip file software. You can find the others as well.

3. Opening Up The ISO File With Compression Utility:-

First of all, Locate the file in your system and open it up with the WinRAR compression utility. You can do this by making left click at the image file and selecting the “OPEN WITH” option and clicking the open with WinRAR option. After you open up the file with this software, the image will get WinRAR symbol on it now. The file can also be opened by making a double click on it or by clicking open with option every time. The contents of this file will be displayed. If you want to make changes, you can save a copy of this file before making those changes in order to prevent the actual file from spoiling.

4. Setting Up The Compression Utility:-

In order to set up the compression utility, click the setup icon to start the installation of WinRAR software. Agree with the terms and conditions and click ‘next” the software will get installed this way.


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