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How to Format Macbook Pro Step By Step

How to Format Macbook Pro Step By Step


Macbook pro is simply the best amongst the series of macbooks from Apple,and it is a gadget that is simply one of its kind. Sometimes there arises a problem with the user that there is either a lot of trash files that get accumulated in the phone’s storage or it is that the phone gets flooded with internet based trash and thus there comes a need to go for the formatting of the gadget to make it completely empty and in order to format the macbook pro, you may choose to go for the steps that we are mentioning here.

How to Format Macbook Pro Step By Step

How to Format Macbook Pro

1. Get the backup if you need it:-

First of all, I will recommend you to have a check if there is something valuable stored in your macbook pro. Check it simply and get the backup made. Let it be anything, including the word processed files or personal images or videos anything, simply backup it over the cloud and then you can go for the process of formatting.

2. Simply go for a restart of the macbook and follow the key press approach:-

Now, after the backup of necessary stuff has been made, you are free to go for the process of formatting. Simply restart your MacBook pro and then hold down the Command and “R” keys when the gray startup screen appears. This will take you to the menu where you can select the disk utility.

3. Specify the disk utility and then highlight the internal drive:

The menu that you are directed towards will have an option depicting the “Disk Utility” option in it. Simply made a Click over the “Disk Utility” option and then make a click over the “Continue” Option. After clicking the continue option, simply Highlight your MacBook’s internal hard drive from the provided list on the left side of the window and then you can reach the erase tab in order to get it formatted.

4. Reach the erase tab:

In order to get the desired drive formatted, you will be required simply to go to the Erase tab at the top of the window. Simply go by the right hand side to the top of screen and you will find the dedicated erase tab out there that you can bring in use in order to get the device formatted.

5. Go for the formatting clicking on the drive properties:

Now, after you have reached the erase tab, there would be an option to check drive properties, clicking which you will be able to have the drive erased one by one. After the drives get empty being formatted in a proper way, you may choose to restore the backed up data from the cloud and begin using your device once again as you used it earlier.


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