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How to Format Lumia 520 Windows Phone

Microsoft Lumia 520


Nokia Lumia 520 is a power packed Microsoft windows phone that is known for its quality features and awesome quality it provides. But sometimes it happens that either due to the excess trash left by the applications or due to the junks flooded in the device, It becomes necessary for us to look for the measures that can help us cope up with the system getting slow down and help us to make it good as new. The best way to achieve success in doing so is to format the phone and it will get as good as it was when it came new from the factory. We have explained the steps to do so in this article.

How to Format Lumia 520 Windows Phone - HowFlux

How to Format Lumia 520 Windows Phone

Features That Lumia 520 Provides :-

Nokia Lumia comes power packed with a 4 inches LCD screen and a dual core one gigahertz processor. The internal memory is 8G.B and there is a powerful 512Mb ram that makes multitasking possible on this phone. There is a 5megapixels camera that comes with auto focus feature as well as there is a Microsoft Windows phone 8 operating system in the phone. The phone operates on a Li-Ion 1430MAh battery that proves to provide an excellent power back up to the phone.

Why Do I Need To Format My Phone?

When we purchase a smart phone, we install multiple applications in it. Applications create junk and internet invite various viruses to the phone. If there is an anti virus installed in your phone still there may be some junk left to deal with. This junk can make your phone slow. Even when you uninstall some applications, this residue junk is likely to be left in the phone and thus simply clearing the memory card won’t work and there feels a need to format the full phone.

Precautions While Formatting The Phone :-

Firstly may I tell you that you need to take a backup of all the applications as when you format the phone, all these applications will get lost. You can get the backup your device’s data including music, applications, contacts, images, etc. along with you in a memory card which you can remove from your device before formatting it as when you format the device, you will need some of it back again and back up will help you recover the data lost.

How To Format The Phone?

Now when you have got the data back up made, you can go to the settings of your gadget to format the device. Just slide your fingers left on the display and press the settings option. The restore factory settings option will appear in it. Now when you have got the option in front of your eyes, you can click on it and chose for resetting your phone. It will show you two options one will be a conformational”yes” and other will be a refusing “No”. To reset your phone formatting it, you have to click on “Yes” which will put your phone on factory reset mode. Your phone will restart when it gets formatted and you will get the phone as good as new. Now you can insert the memory card and get the backed up applications and data installed back in it.


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