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How to Format a Hard Drive for Windows 7 Clean Install

How to Format a Hard Drive Windows 7


The hard drive is a data storage device that is placed in the central processing unit of a computer and is used to store your personal data including songs, videos, documents and other such valuable files. You can locate the hard drive space of your system by simply clicking the my computer option and opening it. It will display you the sub drives of your main hard disk drive clicking whose properties and adding you can know what is your total hard disk space and how much space has been put in use by your computer to store files.

How to Format a Hard Drive for Windows 7 Clean Install

Format a Hard Drive for Windows 7 Clean Install

Why Do I Need To Format The Hard Drive?

Sometimes it is either that the system if flooded with junk or it is filled with excess trash, you might need to format your hard drive. If you have a hard drive with much memory and there are countless viruses in it, to go for a scan may take much time and thus you might prefer to format it as whole. Formatting your hard drives makes it get rid of the junk, viruses and simply everything and gives you a clear and as good as new hard drive to store your data in it.

How Can I Format A Hard Drive?

1. Simplest Method:-

The simplest method to format your hard drive is to start formatting its sub drives. Just click on the MY COMPUTER icon and open it. It will display you the hard drives as “ Local disk (C:)”, “ Local disk D:)” etc. you simply need to make a right click on it and the options will get displayed one of which will be the format option. You need to click it and a bar will get displayed showing you the sub drive capacity as well as the file system, allocation unit size and to go for the “QUICK FORMAT” of it. You can go for the format of each sub drive separately.

2. Formatting As A Whole:-

The next way to format your hard drive is to format it by installing new windows in it. New windows get installed uninstalling the previous windows but first making a formatting of the hard drive. When you install the new window in your system, the system will reboot itself and first of all the hard disk will be formatted and then it will ask you to install another window in it. When you install the another window, you will again have to specify the sub drives and when it gets installed, you will get formatted drive.

3. Take The Necessary Backup If Needed:-

When you go for a formatting of your hard drive, Your whole data is likely to get formatted. There must be some moments that you must have captured and saved in the device, there must be some personal videos and there must be some songs, clips etc. that you may need again in future. You can take a backup of it before going for a formatting of your device in order that you may need those memories of yours in future. You can even take a backup of the applications or if the internet is working, you can even save your data on cloud.


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