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How Can I Forget my Past and Move on

how can i forget my past and move on


Our past is very painful sometimes. The bad experiences that we had in the past can spoil our future if we are unable to forget them and thus it is always advised to forget past if it is not happy. Thinking about the past is sometimes like stifling our own progress towards our life and goals. There is nothing that can be done to change the past, but there is still some hope left as you can manage to forget it. You can change the present and obviously the future by forgetting the old memories and getting indulged in something productive. Here are some ways that can be adopted in order to forget the past:-

how can i forget my past and move on

How Can I Forget my Past and Move on

1. Focus on Present:-

The best way to forget your past is to focus on present. When you focus on the present, the past automatically gets forgotten. In order to focus on present, you should first of all think about a perfect aim. Once you have an aim in present, you can start working on it and once you start working on it, you will forget the past in an easy way.

2. Look at the Positive Side of Your Experiences:-

When you have a bad past that you wish to forget, you also have some good memories related with it. Even a lamp that keeps on igniting in order to light other’s lives has got some darkness under it and thus you should always see the positive side of your experiences even if they are bad.

3. Counseling and Meditation:-

Counseling and meditation prove to be helping hand in this direction. First of all, reach some person in your knowledge, who knows you the best. Talk with him/her as it will calm you down. If you have no such person in your life, take a few deep breaths and focus on something else. Plug in your earphones and focus on your favorite beat of music or focus on a dream of yours that you always wished to achieve. Your mind will get focused on something else other than your past this way.

4. Learn From Past and Apply It on Present:-

If you have some bad experiences in the past, you also have some experiences that you have learnt from them. These learnt lessons can be applied to your present to forget the mistakes made in past. When you learn lessons from your past, it appears to be your friend rather than being your enemy.

5. Heal Your Memories by Staying with Someone You Love:-

Whenever you feel alone in life or past appears to make you feel remorse, you can easily heal your memories by staying with someone you love. Love is the best power in this universe. The person will act as both a calming force and a guiding force for you.

6. Divert Your Mind and Meet New People:-

The best way to get rid of your past and to forget it is to try diverting your mind with another hobby say reading, writing, singing or listening to music. You can also play games in order to divert your mind. Try to meet new people and make new friends in order to get indulged with them.


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