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What Foods to Eat that Increase Life Expectancy

Yoghurt, Milk, Eggs and Egg Yolk to Fulfill Protein Needs


Life is a precious gift of nature which once taken back is never granted again. Everyone in this world wishes to live for longer and they seek to go for approaches that can increase their life. Multiple researches are going on near and around us to research on the forms of life to discover how several life forms on this earth could live as long as three to four hundred years. Well there is just a single solution to live long and it is the food that you eat. The food that you eat gives you energy and energy is the main constituent that keeps your body running. Here are some food items that can be taken daily in order to increase life:-

What Foods to Eat that Increase Life Expectancy

What Foods to Eat that Increase Life Expectancy

1. Yoghurt, Milk, Eggs and Egg Yolk to Fulfill Protein Needs:-

In order to build your body in a perfect way such that you have proper body mass as well as muscles, you should keep in mind to take proper dosage of proteins. I am not asking you to move towards gym protein supplements, but you can get proteins naturally by consuming products such as yoghurt, milk, eggs and egg yolk etc. in your daily schedule.

2. Omega Three Fatty Acids:-

Omega three acids are found in fishes like salmon. The people suffering from irregular heart beat problems can add salmon fish to their diet in order to improve their heart health and to live longer. Omega three fatty acids are also proven to make your body able to fight dementia and cognitive decline as well.

Neem and Aloe Vera for Healthy Skin

3. Neem and Aloe Vera for Healthy Skin:-

Neem juice and Aloe Vera juice are beneficial in both the ways. i.e. if you consume them orally or if you apply them on your skin. These juices can help you in skin treatment against several skin problems like acne, blemishes etc and also prove to be healthy against germs and stomach based ailments as well.

No Junk Food To Prevent Your Body From Being A Junk

4. No Junk Food To Prevent Your Body From Being A Junk:-

If you take junk food in your diet, your body really becomes a dust bin itself. If you will use your body as a dustbin, it is but obvious that the days of your life will keep on getting decreased with each coming day. You are advised to stay away from junk food as well as processed or oil fried food in order to enhance and increase the days of your life.

5. Keep on Taking Antioxidants to Stay Free From Cancer:-

Oil fried food items rather give rise to the number of formation of free radicals in your body. Free radicals bring about the development and growth of cancer cells, which proves hazardous for your life. In order to save your life against such disorders, you are advised to take food items rich in antioxidants as these can save your life against disease like cancer further bringing about a significant increase in days of your life.

6. Never Use Any Used Syringe:-

The disease like AIDS spread from individual to individual either through direct physical contact or by injecting an infected injection syringe into the body of the other person after using it with a particular person. You should avoid using a single syringe or injection for two people together in order to safeguard your life against such havocs and to bring about a desired increase in days of your life.


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