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What Foods Not to Eat for Breakfast in Morning

what foods not to eat for breakfast in Morning


You must have heard the fact that we should not over-eat and we should eat less food at night, but there would be only a few people who will recommend you the food items not to be taken in the morning. Actually, every food item is good to be taken in the morning provided it does not harm your body for the rest of the day. Well, morning eating habits are equally important as eating habits of any other time and thus you should keep the following eating habits in your mind when you sit for having breakfast on your dining table.

what foods not to eat for breakfast in Morning

What Foods Not to Eat for Breakfast

1. Never Skip Breakfast as It Makes You Overeat:-

It has been seen time and again that when we plan to skip our morning meals, we find our condition miserable enough and as a consequence, we experience an acute condition of hunger which makes us over-eat. This is the reason I recommend you never to skip your morning meals and instead you can take something light like yoghurt or yolk from beaten eggs mixed with milk.

2. Avoid Food That Has Met Rancidity Or Food Left Uneaten At Night:-

Take Something Rich in, If you had made/purchased some extra food for yourself during the night and it is still left with you, you should never try to eat it, as it is. This can make you experience food poisoning. Even if you wish to use such food, you can first heat it/cook it again in order to make it safe for eating.  If the dish has experienced rancidity because of lack of storage, you should immediately throw it in the compost pit instead of eating it.

3. Juices Are Better Even If You Are On A Fast:-

If you wish to go for a fasting schedule, It is better that you just skip meals but don’t skip hunger. You can still take juices and liquid diet as nutrients in juices are best absorbed in the body. If you are not on fasting but still you wish not to eat heavy because of problems related to digestion, you can take light and fiber rich food.

4. Avoid Soya bean:-

It is said that Soya bean promotes the growth of photo estrogen in the human body and thus males should never eat soya bean dishes in the morning. Oatmeal is a better option if you are looking for some ideal morning food as oats have been found to help you in reducing weight and regulating your stomach.

5. Avoid Oily Food Items:-

Taking oily food items in the morning can make you experience tiredness, but before as compared to the other days. Stay away from oily food in the morning and take only healthy diet options. Completely eliminate extra fats and oils from your morning food and instead it is better if you use butter of good quality like cow ghee.

6. Avoid Chili and Extra Spicy Food:-

Eating extra spicy or chili rich food in the morning is also prohibited for making your day better. Eating extra spicy food in the morning can make you experience a strong urge to move to the toilet for stool if you are experiencing some difficulty with digestion. The effect of chili is sometimes fire lighting for our excretion system.


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