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Top 6 Foods to Eat While Jaundice Affected

What Foods to Eat In Jaundice


Jaundice is a yellowish pigmentation of skin. It can be a result of food borne illness or it may occur due to liver diseases such as hepatitis or liver cancer. In it the diseased person becomes yellowish in skin tone. This yellowish discoloration of the skin or eyes is the first symptom of jaundice and second symptom is the darkness of the urine. Jaundice is not a disease but a sign of an underlying disease many a times, and thus it needs to be treated in order to treat the disease. For treatment of jaundice, you can add some food habits in your diet, consuming which you will get relieved against this disease soon.

Top 6 Foods to Eat While Jaundice Affected

Top 6 Foods to Eat While Jaundice Affected

1. Drink Sugarcane Juice:-

Sugarcane juice is the best juice to be consumed if you are suffering from Jaundice. Sugar cane juice is proven to cleanse your body besides treating jaundice in a perfect way. Even the doctors advise sugar cane juice to be consumed in order to overcome jaundice.

2. Eat Papaya Leaves:-

Doctors also advise papaya leaves to be eaten by the patient of jaundice. Papaya is available in every season and it can be purchased from any vegetable and fruit market at cheap prices. Papaya leaves are also advised to be added in other food items to overcome jaundice in an easy way.

3. Eat Basil Leaves:-

Basil is an Indian medicinal plant which is rich in medicinal properties. It is also known by the name “Tulsi”. Its seeds and leaves are found beneficial for treatment of jaundice and this is why even the medical stores sell its seeds at expensive prices. You can add basil leaves and basil seed powder to your routine in order to treat yourself against jaundice problem.

4. Eat Indian Gooseberry:-

The Indian gooseberry or amla is the fruit of amla plant. This fruit is rich in citrus juices which serve to be an ideal stuff in reducing the health problems like diabetes or jaundice and thus you can add it to your kitchen items. You can also start consuming radish leaves as even they are found beneficial against jaundice.

5. Almonds and Turmeric:-

According to a report, eating almonds proves to be an effective approach in the treatment of jaundice. The patients who eat almonds daily are treated sooner than the ones not doing so. Turmeric powder, which is one of the cooking based spices used to impart color while cooking vegetables also proves to be a boon against jaundice.

It has got medicinal properties which cure and heal the body from inside and thus if you are suffering from jaundice, you can start consuming turmeric powder adding it with your food as a curative measure against jaundice.

6. Buttermilk and Carrot Juice:-

Carrots have been described as a natural blood purifying vegetable and thus juice taken out of carrots also serves to be an ideal ingredient in treatment of jaundice. You can also consume buttermilk as a medicine against jaundice as even it is proven to show favorable effects for the patient of jaundice.


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