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6 Food Habits While Going to Gym

Food Habits While Going to Gym


Everybody says you must keep a watch over your food habits while gymming as it is essential to workout with a proper diet plan failing which we can meet adverse effects instead of getting a healthy body and thus in this article we have come with some tips to adopt while gymming regarding the food you chose to build a strong and muscular body some of which are as follows:-

6 Food Habits While Going to Gym

6 Food Habits While Going to Gym

1. Eat Frequently:-

The first thing that I will advice you is to eat frequently, you can go for 4 or 5 short meals instead of three big meals in your schedule. You can eat less but it should be in a proper interval, ranging from 2.5 to 3 hours though you can eat less amounts in it, but remember to eat your food properly taking enough time for it, you don’t have to catch a train doing this.

2. Fruits And Veggies:-

Adopt raw vegetables in your diet. If you wish, you can even go for the organic stuff, you can eat seasonal fruits to replenish your need for vitamins and minerals, but remember to eat fat free and unprocessed home cooked food. Rather fruits contain fluids and it is proven that nutrients are best absorbed by our body through fluids. Remember to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

3. Nuts:-

Nuts can really help you a lot while gymming. Take some water in a glass and soak 10-12 almonds in it and let it be kept on your kitchen slab for the whole night. Eat those almonds in the morning and see the results yourself. You can even go for cashews or raisins or even ground nuts and walnuts.

4. Scheduled Eating:-

Try to prefer scheduled eating. The first thing that you need to do in the morning is to Eat some dry fruits that you soaked at night in water. The next thing that you need to do is to consume eggs 45 minutes before going for a workout or some bananas with milk and one hour post workout, you can go for a glass of Greek yoghurt, eat after consulting with your trainer. You can even add protein shakes to your diet.

5. Whole Wheat Products:-

You should go for whole wheat products in your diet as they are found to be beneficial while gymming and you need to track your calories intake also. You should avoid drinking anything between your meals and you can go for the stuff rich in soy or whey proteins rather. Your diet should be checked and regulated properly in order to gain muscles without losing them. You should consume protein shakes pre and post workout in order to gain strength.

6. Coffee Or Green Tea:-

Drink green tea at least three times a day. Or you may even go for coffee as drinking green tea is said to be associated with weight loss. You can even go for skimmed milk in your diet. You should avoid things like pasta or Maggie or yippee noodles that are made after processing the contents, you should eat unprocessed healthy diet, you can consume the leaves of spinach rather.


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