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How to Fold a Shirt Correctly After Ironing

how to fold a shirt correctly after ironing


A shirt is clothing attire which most of us wear in order to look presentable. When we iron the shirt in order to keep it in a wardrobe or to keep it within a hanger, we have to fold it in order to store it within the wardrobe. In order to fold a shirt, you never need to learn rocket science, but even a child can fold his shirt in a proper way if proper approach is followed. You need to place the shirt on a flat and smooth surface like an iron stand or iron slab first and then you can follow the following simple tips that we are mentioning here to fold the shirt:-

how to fold a shirt correctly after ironing

How to Fold a Shirt Correctly After Ironing

1. Iron the Shirt from Both the Sides:-

First of all, we will iron the shirt while keeping it buttoned. In order to do this, we close all the buttons of a shirt first of all and then we begin ironing it on the areas like its collars, sleeves, front and back portion etc. The ironed shirt can now be folded.

2. Bring Its Backside Front:-

In order to fold a shirt, we will need to bring its backside to front in such a way that its buttoned position is to the underside and its back portion is facing towards our own face. You can fold a shirt choosing any of its sides, but folding a shirt in a backside front manner is always a better option.

3. Pick Its Sleeves and Fold them to the Middle of Back:-

Now, after placing the shirt with backside in front, we will pick its sleeves one at a time folding them to the middle of back portion of the shirt. This will be done with both the sleeves one after another adjusting them in the same manner.

4. Give them a horizontal fold:-

Each of the sleeves will be folded horizontally in such a way that cuffs cross over the middle of back portion of the shirt. The side seams of a shirt should not be folded at all. The sleeves will be folded two times in such a manner that they meet under the collar forming a ā€œVā€ shape. The sleeves should not be made to go extra downside.

5. Give the Shirt a Fold:-

After adjusting the sleeves of a shirt, there comes a time to give the shirt a final fold. Let it be case of any shirt, all the shirts are folded in the same manner. We fold them lengthwise holding the bottom portion of shirt with our hands lengthwise. The folded place thus gains a rectangular form with buttons in the mid portion dividing the rectangular shape into two rectangular halves.

6. Place It The Way You Want:-

After folding your shirt, you can use a hanger to hang it in your wardrobe or you can even match it with a favorite pair of pants placing it in the same folded manner in a portion of your admiral. If you have to reach for an important meeting soon, just keep this folded and ironed shirt ready over your bed to wear after bathing at desired time.


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