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What to Focus On For Staying Happy (6 Steps)

What to Focus On For Staying Happy?


In today’s world someone is not happy because he has got nothing, the others are not happy because they have got everything. Someone has lost his smile because of excess of money while someone has lost his smile because of lack of money. Someone is unhappy to lose someone while someone is unhappy to get someone. People these days find reasons to stay unhappy rather than being happy and thus there is a great need to find reasons for staying happy and thus Here we are listing some ways in this article that enlist all what you need to adopt in order to stay happy.

What to Focus On For Staying Happy?

What to Focus On For Staying Happy?

1. Focus on Quality and Not the Quantity:-

It has been seen that the problem with some people is that they are not sad because they have got less but are sad instead because the other person has got more. You should try to focus more on quality than to focus on the quantity. If you have the capacity just to make four chapattis a time with two members in the family, you can satisfy hunger even with two chapattis each than to stay jealous with the one who has got three with him. Everything tastes good where there is love.

2. Be Calm, Patient and Less Obsessed:-

Be calm, patient and less obsessed as it has been seen that those who stay calm with others, get greeted with calmness in return and the ones who stay patient always get the sweet fruit of their efforts. Being obsessed makes you lack in many other things and thus you should instead try a positive approach towards life.

3. Earning Is for Your Comfort Not To Spoil The Comfort:-

My granny used to say a sentence,” Earning is for your comfort, not to spoil the comfort” when you have got an amount that is enough to run the house and to make savings, it is for your comfort but when you start craving for it with an endless thirst, you plan to spoil all the comfort.

4. Even the Luxuries should be In a Limit:-

The luxuries that you have added to your life should also be in a limit as an excess of everything is dangerous for health. You should only have the amount of luxuries that do not leave you diseased and there is enough time left for you to get some fresh air moving out with others.

5. Try Maintaining A Harmony With Others:-

It has been seen that the people who maintain a kind of balance or harmony befriending everyone whom they meet always get an advantage as new contacts means a new kind of backup even for the bad time and the more you come in contact with new people, the more your approach towards life gets mature and thus you stay happier than before.

6. Find Happiness Even In the Adverse Situations of Life:-

There is a slum town in Kolkata that is known to be joyful even when having adverse conditions within that area which is why we call Kolkata the city of joy. The same approach should be followed by everyone in life as it helps you stay happy.


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