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How to Fix USB Device not Recognized Windows

Steps to Fix USB Device Not Recognized


Sometimes when we put on the USB device in the dedicated USB port or an USB hub, it is that the computer shows that the USB device is not recognized and we are not able to make the usage of that device which we needed to install or use with the system. This happens with almost all of us at some point of computer or laptop usage and in case you are experiencing it with your gadget, here we are with some tips that are going to work for sure regarding this purpose.

How to Fix USB Device not Recognized Windows (6 Steps)

How to Fix USB Device not Recognized Windows

1. Restart Your Computer or Laptop:-

It happens with me sometimes when I am trying to switch on the computer first and then I try to plug in the keyboard, mouse, etc. by the means of the USB hub, all the devices are showing USB device not recognized and when I shut down the system and start it again, the same device starts functioning again properly. If same is the case with you as well, you may choose to do the same.

2. Try Disconnecting All the Other Connections:-

Sometimes it is that the dedicated port that is needed by the device to be used is already in use by some other device and till you, do not disconnect it, the port is not able to be used by a new device. You may choose to disconnect all the other devices in order to make a connection in such a situation.

3. You Might Need To Update the USB Drivers:-

It may be that the USB drivers have either got outdated or there is a need to install the new USB drivers in the system. Simply check if you need them and go for an installation if needed. Go to the control panel and check the devices. There it will show the unidentified devices and this place can be bought in use so as to check the driver properties and take the necessary steps as well.

4. Go to the Connected Device Manager:-

The device management option also enables you to check what is wrong with the USBĀ  devices that show unrecognized by the computer. Simply go to the action tab and select the scan hardware changes option, make the necessary changes and check out if the USB port starts working.

5. Check the Device Manager Settings:-

Sometimes checking the device manager settings may even do some help to you as well. Simply reach the device manager and reach the USB root hub properties. Uncheck the option that reads allow computer to switch off the device to save power. Sometime it is that computer makes usage of this option so as to save power and when you will uncheck it, the computer USB root will get back to normal once again.

6. Troubleshooting Options:-

The troubleshooting may be a great option in case your computer is not able to recognize the USB devices. Simply run the hardware and device troubleshooting option and make usage of this option to troubleshoot the computer. Your USB device will start working this way.


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