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5 Steps to Fix the Red Ring of Death

How to Fix Red Ring of Death


Red ring of death is what the X-Box users often fear about. This one is a sign that the X-Box ring of light displays an owner when there is a sudden hardware failure related to the device. Sometimes it has been seen that the wear and tear of the wire joints because of time may also result in making the situation worse and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches to deal with it. If you are experiencing the same, you are advised to go for some simple home based approaches that we are mentioning here.

5 Steps to Fix the Red Ring of Death - HowFlux

How to Fix the Red Ring of Death

1. Check Up If The Warranty Is Still Left:-

Every X-box comes with a warranty card and if you have got warranty left with you, this may prove to be a golden chance so as to get your Xbox repaired for free as the red ring of death glows only when there is a hardware malfunction and these are rectified free of cost if you have got the warranty left with yourself. Simply reach the nearest service center to get this done free of cost.

2. Check Up If The Hardware Failure Can Be Rectified:-

If there is no guarantee left, you will have no option but to go for a hardware rectification if the hardware has met a failure. This can be done reaching the service centers. These will take a nominal charge from you, but the device will get as good as new this way. If you have not met a hardware failure, there is still a hope left that you can rectify it yourself and that you will know in the further points.

3. Try out Cooling The System:-

The major reason for the red ring of death to glow without a power failure is a overheated processor. When the processor or other hardware gets overheated, the system makes this red light to glow as a sign of danger and thus you may choose to keep your device switch off for a while and then afterwards you may choose to go for switching it on again after putting the wiring back and if the overheating was the reason, the hardware may start functioning back once again.

4. Check Up The Wirings:-

Sometimes over heating does not spoils the hardware, but the inner wirings meet malfunctioning or it is sometimes that the wire joints meet a shot and this is why you may choose to check up if the board has met a shot and then you may take it up to a board expert so as to get it rectified.

5. Switch The Place To Some Air Conditioned Room:-

If the Device often remains overheated, you may choose to shift the place of using and keeping the device to an air conditioned room where the hardware stays cools while in operation and when the hardware won’t get overheated, you will get rid of the red ring of death in an easy way and that too without spending money for it.


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