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How do you Fix Sound Problems on your Computer

Fix Sound on Computer


Sometimes while working on a computer device, it is that we have got the speakers attached, we are playing some song or video but still the sound is not heard coming out of the speakers. This happens the most when either there is some problem with the sound drivers, the sound settings or itself the sound connection or sound slot and if you are experiencing the same with your computer system, you may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here so as to fix the sound on your device.

How do you Fix Sound Problems on your Computer (5 Steps)

How do you Fix Sound Problems on your Computer

1. Have the Drivers for Sound Installed:-

First of all, if you have purchased some assembled computer from a non-authorized dealer, this may be because he must not have installed the dedicated drivers for sound. This is the reason why we always recommend you the authentic and original devices. Make a double check if you have got the sound drivers and if you do not have them, you are advised to get them installed first of all.

2. Check If the Speaker has malfunctioned:-

In case there is no sound, the reason might be that the speaker has malfunctioned. It happened to me last week when an electric shot damaged the circuit of speakers, but I kept on blaming the CPU malfunction for the sound not to come out of the speakers as there was a light glowing in the speakers, but they were not giving the sound out of them and actually there was a problem with the wire that is attached to the speaker.

3. The Sound Control Checkup:-

In some of the cases where people report, there is no sound on their device, it is either that the sound options have been touched and modified or it is that the user does not knows about the advanced sound controls. Go to the programs and reach the sound control option. Reach the advanced sound options and if the checkbox reading Mute has been clicked, uncheck it first and then try increasing the sound. Your computer will start functioning back once again.

4. The USB connection Might be the problem:-

These days USB speakers are in trend that involves a lead to be plugged into the sound slot while the power comes from the USB slot. Try restart your computer if you have purchased a new speaker and that is a USB one as sometimes the device needs to be recognized and installed first and then it comes to functioning after it gets recognized.

5. Check If The Ram Is Compatible Or Not:-

One of my friends had got an outdated P3 system from Intel with a small amount of ram and he had got a VLC media player installed in it trying to play HD movie in the computer he was saying perhaps there is some default with the sound. Just then I made an entry and told him that the RAM is too small to operate a High Definition movie on the device. He got another RAM chip with extra memory and the HD movie was now able to be played with sound. This might be the reason with you as well. Get advanced with advanced world and then blame the system.


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