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How do you Fix Runtime Errors in Windows

Fix Runtime Errors


A runtime error is the error that the computer screen displays when you are trying to make a program run on your device, but there is some issue either with the device or the program itself. The device may be out of memory of storage or there may be a lack of RAM for that particular application. There may be any virus in the computer as well. In case you are trying to run a program on your device and it shows runtime error, you may choose to follow the tips that we are mentioning here.

How do you Fix Runtime Errors in Windows (6 Steps)

How do you Fix Runtime Errors in Windows

1. Check What the Runtime Error Code Means:-

First of all note down the code that error message depicts you and enter the error code as it is to Google. This will display you the possible reason why the error is being displayed and you will be able to take the necessary options accordingly.

2. End All the Other Running Programs:-

In case there is less RAM in your CPU, the reason for you to have runtime error may be that you are trying to run multiple programs at a single time, but the RAM is too less for this purpose and the computer feels a burden in completing all these tasks at the same time. Try increasing your system’s RAM or end all the other programs first and then continue the task.

3. Try Looking For An Updated Version Or Check The Reviews:-

Try reading the reviews of users about the file and software that you are making use of. Try looking for an updated version of software that you are using to read the file in case the reviews say that the software had some issues. The new software will probably solve your problem in such a situation.

4. Scan the Application for Virus:-

If your device is virus infected, this might be the reason the file is not running in your system. Try to bring the antivirus installed in system in practice for this purpose and make usage of it to run a system scan as well as file scan to check for the viruses and fix them up if a virus is found in the system.

5. Look at the Memory of Your Device:-

The memory that you have got in your system might also result in runtime errors sometimes. My friend was having a 40GB Hard disk positioned in his CPU, but there was no space left as he had flooded it with HD songs and movies. Then he tried to install the GTA vice city game which was a bit heavy and the system did not have any memory left to store it. Somehow he managed to download the supplication by deleting two or three songs, but then he encountered runtime error when he tried to install the game as even installation requires some memory.

6. Check If There Is a Specific RAM In Your System as Specified by the Application:-

Sometimes even if you have got the hard disk space, still you may experience a runtime error while installing typical software as a dedicated RAM is needed to run heavy software’s. Try increasing the system RAM by inserting a new RAM chip in the dedicated slot meant for this purpose and then try installing the software. It will get installed for sure.


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