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How to Fix Minor Rust on Your Car Body

How to Fix Rust on Car


Often we see that the paint on the car gets deteriorated after using it for quite much time, which results in the rusting of the metal sheets that are exposed to the moisture. This condition is enough to spoil the look of the entire car as rusting means the oxidation of iron and when it happens, the metal sheets get physically weaker, which means the life of your car is at risk and thus there comes a need to fix it as soon as possible. In case you are experiencing this situation with yourself, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here so as to get rid of this rust that has taken place with your car.

How to Fix Minor Rust on Car Body

How to Fix Minor Rust on Car Body

1. First of All Scratch the Associated Part of Car with an Iron Blade:-

First of all, physically examine the portion of your car that has got rusted and scratch it off with a blade. Scratching this way will remove all the sort of rust that has got accumulated over it during this period of time and then you can go for the rest of approaches with your car.

2. Remove the Deteriorated Paint from the Associated Area:-

Now the second step will include you to remove the deteriorated and stripped part of the paint from the associated rusted part of your car. This can be done by the same blade that you bought in use to scratch the rust from your car. Simply use it to scratch the rusted portion and then the third step can be performed.

3. Use the Metal Putty to Fill the Associated Area:-

After the rust and deteriorated paint both have got removed, the part of car will have the paint exactly stick to it. You may choose to get the entire paint removed if you need to get the new paint done else just fill up the metal putty at the associated place and make the surface plain afterwards with the help of same metal blade.

4. Go for the New Paint on the Associated Area:-

Now allow the car to be kept in sun exposure for a while. This will make the putty get fixed on the car properly. After the putty gets properly positioned on the car, it is the time to get a new coat of paint be made over it and for this approach you may go for the genuine spray paint that was earlier painted on your car enquiring it from the car dealer. The car needs to be kept out of reach of moisture till the paint gets properly positioned on it.

5. In Some of the Cases the Lamination Tape May Also Make Benefit:-

In case the rusting was minor and you think to get the paint done might prove to be costly, reach the nearest car sticker making shop and ask them to put some lamination tape over this area that should be of the color matching the paint of your car. In some cases the stickers can also be pasted.


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