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How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights (5 Steps)

How to Fix Christmas Lights


Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with a great pomp and show all over the world in December making decorations and spreading the essence of happiness all around. Christmas lights are the best way to make house decorations as your house really looks beautiful when these twinkling lights are glowing on the walls of your houses as well as the decorated Christmas tree and In order to decorate your surroundings with Christmas lights, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights (5 Steps) - HowFlux

How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights

1. Judge Up How Much Lights Are Working That You Already Have:-

Obviously, if you decorate your house every year on Christmas, there must be some old decoration lights kept spare with you right? Well, it is the perfect time to get them out along with the new lights that you have bought. Simply fix up the new lights and then get back to the olden lights.

2. Make The Repair of Broken Connections And Joints:-

Tackling with the old lights, you will first of all need to judge if they need a repair or not? Obviously after using them, there must be some wear and tear happened to them in the span of keeping them and that might include the breakage of bulbs as well as the wire connections. So first of all, you will need to repair the broken connections and joints as well as the wire plugs attached. Simply peel off some of the wire and then make both the broken wires get merged with each other and then you just need to tape them up.

3. Change the Broken Bulbs With The New Ones:-

As I told you earlier, there must be some broken bulbs with time that you will need to change and repair. Simply bring home some spare bulbs and then make use of them so as to make the lights function properly. It is a case with some lights that if one single light in a circuit fails, the other lights jointed also fail top glow and thus you are advised to repair and change all the broken lights so as to make the old lights glow more.

4. Fix Up An Extension With The Electricity Board:-

Now, after you have arranged all the lights at the desired places, you will need to fix a wired extension with the switchboard that has got enough length of wire so as to reach the light plugs and then simply plug in all the light plugs that you have decorated your house with. Switch on the extension and this way your house will glow completely after you switch on the extension board switch.

5. Connect the Wirings With the Extension Board:-

You are advised to use multiple extension boards if you have got enough wire plugs so as to be unable to fit in a single extension board. You may also choose to merge many light connections together with a single plug so as to solve this situation in a better way. Rest all depends on how you make connections and the quality of lights that you have. The house will get decorated this way.


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