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How to Fix Cell Phone Speakers

How to Repair Phone Speaker


Speaker is a magnetic device which is bought in use to produce sound. The Same device is attached to our phones in order to enable loud sound or music playing with it enabled. There is always a space at back of our phone meant for speaker. If something goes wrong with the speaker of your phone, you are much likely to suffer because of it as no music file/ phone call on loud speaker mode will be able to be accessed or bought in use by you. In such cases, you can easily repair your phone’s speaker following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Fix Cell Phone Speakers

How to Fix Cell Phone Speakers

1. Check the Sound Options and Remove the Back Cover:-

In order to repair a phone’s speaker, you should first confirm if it has faced a problem with its hardware or software. In some of the cases, unintentional changes with the settings or rooting of your phone can also result in making a speaker unfunctional. In such cases, you should check the sound setting option and confirm if there is a fault with software or hardware. You can also try switching off your phone and restarting it or removing the back cover and battery and positioning them back again to check if the software needs to be updated.

2. Remove the Back Screws of Your Phone:-

If there is some problem with the software, you can try switching your phone to factory reset mode. In case there is some fault with its hardware, you can plan to open it and change/repair the speaker physically. For this purpose you will have to remove the back cover of your phone and remove the back screws with a screwdriver. The screws used in phones are tiny and thus it is better if you use a magnetic screwdriver so that screws may not get lost if they mistakenly fall off from your hands.

3. Check the Speaker Wire Connection:-

In some of the cases, speaker is still functional, but because of some shaking effect or fall, the wire connection of your phone’s speaker gets damaged. In such cases, you should double check the wire connection of your speaker with your phone and if any of the two respective speaker wires are detached, you can try attaching them back in order to make the speaker functional.

4. Replace the Faulty Speaker:-

If there is no fault in the wire circuit, it means that you will have to change the entire speaker. For this purpose you can reach a mobile spare parts shop to purchase a speaker of the same configuration for your mobile. Purchase that speaker and position it in your device replacing the old one with it.

5. Assemble Back the Phone Again:-

Now you have to assemble back the phone after making the wire connection of speaker with the phone. You can try switching on the phone now in order to check if the speaker has started functioning or not. If your phone’s speaker has started functioning, you can assemble the phone back again the way we opened it in step two while removing the screws of your phone.


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