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5 Tips to Fix Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive

How to Fix Weak Sectors on a Hard Drive


A bad sector on any hard disk is a sector where the disk scan/check test shows problems. These are also called “Pending Sectors”. A hard disk with bad sectors fails to run most of the times. The real drive failure, power loss, data failure or power failure can be the possible reasons to this problem. Often a hard disk experiences the problem of bad sectors also because of motherboard problems or problems based on system memory. You can’t position a hard disk in a system to use it without curing/eliminating these bad sectors and in order to fix these bad sectors, the following steps can be adopted:-

5 Tips to Fix Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive

5 Tips to Fix Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive

1. Remove the Exact Flaw Behind:-

If a hard disk test reveals presence of bad sector in your computer, first of all you should check the power connection of hard disk with the mother board and if the cable is broken/tempered one, you should immediately change it.

Now here comes the need to check the power arrangement as weak sectors can occur with a hard disk even if your area is prone to frequent power cuts and if you are using no UPS to provide power back-up to your system. Your system is likely to encounter weak sectors even if you fix them if this problem persists and thus you should think about finding these two solutions first.

2. Is Problem Reported By Hard Disk Sentinel:-

If problem is reported by Hard Disk Sentinel, which is a multi-OS SSD and HDD monitoring and analysis software, the first thing to keep in consideration is to look if the problem has been caused by the operating environment as in such cases, there are less chances for hard disk failure to be underlying behind the cause and instead the hard disk sentinel software is responsible for this.

3. Overwrite the Disk Surface:-

In order to repair the bad sectors, we perform the process of overwriting the disk surface. The bad sectors are re-tested during this approach and the reallocation/repair of the sector is made. We first check if the sector is usable or not and then we overwrite it in order to make it readable once again. This includes the initialization of hard disk with special patterns.

4. Re-Initializing the Disk:-

In the disk menu, go for the surface test option and then click “Re-initialize” the disk surface option. The hard disk status, hence reads stable. The disk gets healthy once again and you can use it within your system.

5. Adopt Preventive Measures In Future:-

If once your hard disk got perfected does not mean that it won’t experience any flaws again ever in future. In order to keep your disk always healthy, you should adopt some preventive measures.

Firstly, you should keep on checking and analyzing any problem with the hard disk sentinel. Secondly, you should keep on checking the disk connector cable and power cable after a period of prolonged usage. Third, you should ensure power back-up options like an inverter or UPS. Use proper cables and proper cable extenders. Last but not the least, use your system in a systematic manner, avoiding switching off the computer without properly shutting it down and your computer’s hard disk will always stay free from bad sectors.


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