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How to Fix a Regulator to a Gas Cylinder

How to Fit a Gas Cylinder


A gas cylinder is a container with gas stored under pressure in it at above atmospheric pressure. In simple words, a gas cylinder is basically a container of gas which can be connected to a gas stove in order to ignite it if the cylinder is an LPG gas cylinder or it can be bought in use for other factory/hospital based purposes if it is a cylinder of some other gas like nitrogen, hydrogen etc. Hospitals and other such firms always have a designated professional to deal with these cylinders but if you are dealing with any gas cylinder at home, you are always at a risk as a pressurized gas like LPG etc. can catch fire sometimes and thus a great care should be taken while fitting any gas cylinder. If you are planning to fit any gas cylinder, you can follow these simple steps:-

How to Fix a Regulator to a Gas Cylinder

How to Fix a Regulator to a Gas Cylinder

1. Testing a Cylinder:-

A cylinder should be tested before purchasing it. All cylinders have a plastic cap in order to close their mouth. A specification of weight when empty and weight when filled is also written on every cylinder. Read these specifications and then measure the weight of the cylinder. If the weight is same as depicted, you can purchase the cylinder. Pour some water on the top mouth of cylinder to check if you think there is some leakage problem with the cylinder. A leaking cylinder should never be purchased.

2. For the other gas cylinders (Not used in home):-

The most of cylinders like nitrogen cylinder, hydrogen cylinder etc. are attached with a gas regulator in order to allow a flow of gas to a particular machine. Most of such cylinders have a stop angle valve at the end on top. When a cylinder is not in use, a plastic cap is positioned or screwed to the protruding valve to protect it from damage or breaking off. In order to fit such a cylinder, simply remove the plastic cap or cover and attach the pressure regulating assembly to stop valve.

3. For a home based LPG cylinder:

“A Slight Touch of Fire Can Ignite Thou Existence,
O’ Son of Man, You Are Always Prone To Death”

You need to be really cautious while dealing with a home based LPG gas cylinder and other gases that catch fire. In order to fit a gas cylinder at home, you can follow these steps:-

  • Remove the seal/plastic cover from your cylinder’s valve.
  • Take the pressure regulator and place the connecting piece on the clip on your pressure regulator. Fasten it properly while turning it to the left.
  • Take the gas hose now and push the clamp ring onto it. The gas hose is to be put onto the free end of connecting pipe. The gas pipe you choose should be free from any sort of leakage. Push the clamp ring to the end of gas hose and tighten it properly in such a way that 0.2 centimeter of gas hose is visible between clamp ring and nut.
  • Tighten the nut properly. Fix more clamp rings if you feel need of it.
  • Affix the regulator on your cylinder now. The other end of gas pipe can be connected to the gas stove in order to allow gas flow to it.
  • You should call the gas connection provider any time if you feel anything strange/unusual with the gas connection in order to prevent any unexpected hazard from happening to you.
  • In case of a gas leakage, first cut off the electricity connection and do not lit any match stick in the house. Meanwhile call the gas service provider to check for any flaw in your gas connection.


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