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6 Steps to Fix a Hard Drive on a Computer

How to Fix a Hard Drive


A hard drive is a drive that is rich in space that may be used so as to store data files in it. These files may include the data, such as movies, music, pictures, etc. and even the windows are saved in this hard drive only. Though there are external hard drives available as well, but still we can fix and revive the hard disk by fixing up the flaws related to it and thus we need to look for the approaches that can help us do it in a better way and for this purpose only, we have bought some tips for you that are mentioned below.

6 Steps to Fix a Hard Drive on a Computer - HowFlux

How to Fix a Hard Drive on a Computer

1. Check If There Is Any Wiring Related Flaw:-

First of all, you will need to check if there is some flaw in the hard disk. Generally, all of the hard disks come with a one or two year guarantee and if there is a flaw in this time, it will get eliminated free of cost reaching the service center. If there is no guarantee left, you may take your hard disk to some computer professional so as to get these flaws removed.

2. Check the Drive By Installing It In Some Other C.P.U:-

SATA adapter is an adapter that we make use of so as to connect the hard drives. Check by connecting the hard drive to some other C.P.U if it works or not and this way you will come to know if the hard drive can still be bought in use or not?

3. Unscrew the Nuts:-

If the hard drive is of no use, simply unscrew the nuts, open up the C.P.U cabinet and then replace the hard drive with a new one. With a new hard drive, you will need to install new windows in the system, but you will need a new hard drive only if the old one has met flaws that are beyond rectification.

4. Get the Disk Repair Made:-

If there is a serious type damage done to the disk that either is because of some system related impairment or because of wear and tear because of time, you will need to get the hard disk repaired. This can be done reaching your nearest computer repair center as these people are specialized in hard disk repairs.

5. Try Out Basic Formatting:-

Sometimes it is that the hard disk is OK, but there is some serious virus attack that is troubling the system and in such a situation, you may either choose to install an antivirus so as to scan the computer with it or you may format the system along with the windows and install new windows in it. Installing new windows will automatically format the system and make the hard disk space free again from viruses.

6. External Hard Drive:-

Some times, the issue with a hard disk if of space and in such cases, you may choose to go for purchasing an external hard drive that can be plugged in externally into the C.P.U and you may choose to enter the requisite data in it.


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