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6 Steps to Fix a Broken Zipper that Won’t Zip

How to Fix a Zip Step by Step


A zip can be taken as a closing unit of some bag or clothing or any other stuff made with clothes as the making material. Zip acts as a fixing that is stitched in these apparels so as to have an easily open and close able interface. Sometimes both due to a wardrobe malfunction or due to the other such factors like frequent opening and closing or wear and tear because of time, a zip may start malfunctioning and you may choose to fix it up making use of the simple to follow techniques that we are mentioning here.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper that Won't Zip (6 Steps)

How to Fix a Broken Zipper that Won’t Zip

1. Needed Tools:-

In order to fix a zip, first of all you will need some tools like a piler, some candle wax a pair of zip chain, etc. You might even need a needle and matching color thread so as to make stitches if required along with the aluminum or iron fixings that will be fixed at the end of chain so as to make joints.

2. Trying To Fix Up The Old Zip Chain:-

Trying to fix an old chain zip, first of all try to make an attempt o close and open it slowly and then fastly. If the chain is getting zipped but partially, you may choose to make use of pliers so as to press the zip chain head in its jaws in a gentle way and then try to open and close it again. The zip would either now start working or the zip head needs to be changed if it is still not working.

3. Positioning A New Zip Chain:-

As I told you earlier, if the chain is not even yet working or the zip head is broken, you will need to open up the ending joint of the chai9n and position a new zip chin, head through it in a gentle way and then make stitches using needle with thread in it and then implanting the iron or aluminum fixing at the joints so as to make them close in a proper way.

4. Making The Requisite Stitches:-

You might need to make the stitches at the end if you have changed the zip head or even if still the chain is not working, you will need to fix a brand new zip this place by cutting off the stitches with a scissor and then fixing up a new zip at the old one’s place in a better way.

5. Implant the Closing Units:-

After the new zip has been positioned, you will need to implant the closing unit and make the desired joints using thread and needle again. Now the zip should be perfectly functioning as it is a brand new piece.

6. Wax for Easy Zipping:-

With all the approaches that I mentioned, you are advised to try using some candle wax on the chain so as to go for smooth opening and closing of the zip. When you will apply the wax even on the old zip, there are chances that it starts functioning as good as new one.


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