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5 Best Ways to Fix a Blown Head Gasket

Fix a Blown Head Gasket


Those who have got four wheeler vehicles with them might find the problem of leakage of gasket to be quiet troublesome and thus a leaking gasket needs to be replaced this way. If you don’t feel like shredding much of money in your pockets so as to get a new gasket replaced with this one, you may choose to rectify and repair the old one making use of some simple to do techniques that we are mentioning here.

Fix a Blown Head Gasket

5 Best Ways to Fix a Blown Head Gasket

1. Dealing with the Radiator:-

In order to fix the blown head gasket of your car, you will first of all need to drain off the entire antifreeze from the car radiator. After you finish off doing this, you are required to add water to the engine that has got cooled and then add sealant to it.

2. Adding Water to the Engine:-

After you are finished off dealing with the radiator, you will need to fill engine with water and then leave the car as it is for a while. After half an hour or so, you are required to drain off the water and then allow the area to dry out. It may take a day for the area to dry out and thus you are advised to leave the car undisturbed to let it happen.

3. Add Coolant:-

After the requisite time has got finished, you are advised to add coolant to it and then open up the bleeder valves. Proceed with the engine till it gets warm and then Close the radiator cap, but in a loose way. Start the engine and leave the car as it is for another 20 minutes.

4. Closing up the Approach:-

After you have finished adding coolant, you need to make the radiator cap fitted tightly, turn off the engine and then restart the car engine by inserting the key in keyhole rotating it forward and then the car will get started this way. Drive the car so as to check if the radiator has been fixed rightly or not and then test the temperature so as to complete it. If the temperature conditions are not favorable, you may choose to deal with the radiator once again.

5. Dealing with the Bleeder Valves:-

After you are finished checking up the temperature, you will need to make use of the bleeder valves so as to bleed the air out of the engine and then flush off the cooling system so as to refill it with antifreeze and distilled water. The blown head gasket will get fixed this way.


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