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First Stage of Mesothelioma Cancer

First Stage of Mesothelioma Cancer


What happens at initial stage?

The initial stage of mesothelioma is the beginning stage of mesothelioma. At this initial stage, the tumours are within the lining of the lung, stomach and the heart. The treatments options are more as compared to the other stages in the initial stage as it is the beginning of the cancer and it is not spread in the rest of the body of the affected individual so it is quite safe to cure him at an starting stage. And only a negligible tumour are present at this stage and hence, the patients of this stage are likely to live more.

First Stage of Mesothelioma Cancer

First Stage of Mesothelioma Cancer

Treatment approaches:-

mesothelioma at initial stage can treated with approaches including the therapies like chemotherapy and surgery. The life expectancy in this type of stage being at least 40 months. In beginning stage of cancer has just begun to form itself and a smaller mass of tumours gets formed along the lining of the either lung. Cancer cells do not occur in the lungs and lymph nodes and so the cancer is not spread still to the other territories.

The symptoms of initial stage include chest pain, the pressure on chest walls and lungs, and coughing, though all of these symptoms are minute as the cancer is still at an initial stage, you may discover it accidentally in some cases pleural effusion may take place.

Treatment options:-

the treatment options at this initial stage are usually curative ones and hence are aggressive in nature. The treatment at initial stage is usually done with the approaches like radiation therapy or chemotherapy or a surgery.

Chemotherapy is the treatment most often given when a patient recovers of mesothelioma recovers from surgery to kill any remaining cells of this type of cancer. The most common chemotherapy drugs for mesothelioma include cisplatin, carboplatin, pemetrexed, doxorubicin and gemcitabine.

However, heating chemotherapy drugs and circulating them throughout the pleural space during surgery is a new technique that could become more common i it proves effective with the patients in the further researches.

Recently, researchers started administering radiation therapy before surgery to shrink tumours and prevent the spread of cancer cells to surgical incisions. Which may not be recommended to stage i patients because their tumours are already at an initial stage.

Another treatment option to treat mesothelioma is radiation therapy which has traditionally been used after a surgery to prevent the tumour from occurring again.


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