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Who Were The First People To Chew Gum

Who Were The First People To Chew Gum


Chewing gum is a kind of flavored gum with elastic properties that once chewed will let it juices flavor our mouth and then there will be left elastic kind of mass that you may make bubbles with. People these days really love chewing gums and some also stay conscious about the ill effects that it may make to them. Talking about how chewing gums were introduced and who were the first people to chew it, let us get a little bit deeper and inquire about the same.

Who Were The First People To Chew Gum

Who Were The First People To Chew Gum

1. The Rise of Chewing Gum:-

People have been chewing gum since time immemorial. Earlier it was consumed in the form of resins which means the naturally occurring chewing gum is nothing but resin and these resin were obtained from trees so as to make them used with certain other forms of tree based products as well as wax and then there came an era when flavored resins started that later on gave rise to the bubble gum.

2. Proofs of Chewing Gum from History:-

Even the Ancient Greek people have been depicted to be chewing a kind of gum that was basically the coagulated sap of the Sapodilla tree and even the North Americans have been shown to be chewing the sap of spruce trees as well.

3. The First Commercially Made Chewing Gum:-

The first commercially made and sold chewing gum is believed to have evolved in the later eighteenth century. The maker of it is supposed to me John Bacon Curtis. It was basically a spruce gum that had been flavored for the purpose of making business through it. The spruce tree was experimented for this purpose and a kind of sticky elastic material was obtained that could be chewed.

They added flavor to this gum and added paraffin to it for making it a bit softer. They also opened a factory taking it and named it as “Curtis Chewing Gum Factory” and this became an era of commercialization of chewing gum and thus you may take it as the first time commercial chewing gum was chewed by someone.

4. The Others Whose Contribution Is Remarkable:-

Many others, including Tyler, William Finley, who was a dentist and much of the others then made experiment after experiment on this resin, making forward an improvement in the style of processing as well as preparation of it and thus many experiments based on the formulation for the preparation of it had also been made.

5. The Modern World’s Chewing Gum:-

In modern world, the chewing gums have been flavored with various agents, namely the synthetic resins as well as the natural ones. There are many flavors, including the mint, the fruit based flavors as well as the others, including the other such flavoring agents like vanilla, strawberry and even chocolate as well.  Though the style has been modernized but still you can’t neglect the fact that the modern chewing gums are basically a result of a resin found because of trees only.