Newspaper History - Where Was The First Newspaper Invented

Where Was The First Newspaper Invented

Where Was The First Newspaper Invented


Newspaper is basically a normal piece of paper with printed news over it. Newspapers came with an idea of broadcasting the news about local movements and local ideologies to be reached to common man for the purpose of making him acknowledged with the fact what is going on in the world. Even today newspapers are a source of all what is going on in the society and thus newspapers act like a mirror of society. Regarding which one was the first newspaper to be published, you will find in the lines that follow.

Where Was The First Newspaper Invented

Where Was The First Newspaper Invented

1. Acta Diurna, the First Newspaper to be published:-

Talking about the first newspaper to be published ever, it was Acta Diurna that was published in Rome that has been a place known for the political power in the olden periods of history. The date of its publication was around 59 B.C and it was basically implemented for the purpose of political affairs.

2.  The First Printed Weekly Newspaper:-

In year 1605, the first printed local daily came into existence that was a weekly newspaper to be printed and published in Antwerp called A Relation with published being Johann Carolus. It was rich in distinguished and commemorable news that really influenced people of that time.

3. The Arrival of Handwritten Newsletters:-

In the renaissance period, the handwritten letters had arrived, which were included with all the political as well as local news that people used to hand over each other and exchanged to spread news. Earlier there were just manuscripts, but the arrival of paper and printing machines bought about a kind of revolution to it.

4. The Revolution in the History of Newspapers:-

The wide spread of paper and printing machines that the travelers brought with them really influenced the history of news publishing as well as news creation. There were many entrepreneurs that were standing to commercialize it as a business now and we’re willing to invest in it. Earlier the newspapers were limited to political and high class people only, but then it became available to all with the ongoing advancements in paper as well as printing machines.

5. Modernization of Newspapers:-

After the post Renaissance period came, the newspapers had been commercialized and it has reached even the hands of so called common man. Everybody could read newspapers and know about the political affairs. There were various acts passed in various governments regarding the press publishing the news, but people kept on realizing the value of widespread of news through the means of newspapers and thus the advancements kept on coming that we see in the form of modern day newspapers.