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Why is your First Love so Hard to Forget

Why Is Your Love So Hard To Forget


Mr. Ravinder Singh, who is the writer of novel, “I too had a love story” himself revealed the fact that he became a writer by writing a love story on his beloved Khushi. There can be many other such examples that I can quote in front of you where a person was unable to forget his love and thus kept craving for it till last. The more you talk with people, the more they will put forward different views about this topic in front of you, but all of them will agree upon a single fact that love is hard to forget for all of us.

Actually love is a fire that makes us ignited and when once this fire gets ignited in someone, it is hard to be combated with. There can be many reasons to this question, why love is hard to forget and some of these reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why is your First Love so Hard to Forget

Why is your First Love so Hard to Forget

1. You Always Have Some Memories Together:-

When you fall in love, your first preference is to spend some quality time with each other. When you spend quality time with each other, some memories get developed and you get bound with such memories. These memories get stored in your brain like a movie gets stored in a hard disk and this movie keeps on getting played even when you meet a break-up making it hard for you to forget your partner.

2. The Way Your Heart Was Broken:-

The way your partner broke your heart can also make it hard for you to forget him or her. When you are in love, there is presence of trust in your heart for your partner and when the same partner breaks your trust, it becomes hard for you to believe on anyone else. Whenever someone talks of trust, you remind the face of person whom once you trusted more than anyone else, but who still broke your trust and thus you are not able to forget your partner even when you meet a break-up.

3. Some Spoken Words:-

Your partner’s words never let you forget him or her. There are some really cute and memorable words from your partner which you are likely to remind with various incidences in life even after break-up and this serves to keep you one step back when we talk to you about forgetting your partner.

4. Some Unspoken Words:-

When we are in love, there is much undergoing our brain and heart. The un-spoken words in such a time are more than spoken words as there is much to speak, but we are not able to speak it all when we are in a relation. There is a spontaneous overflow of feelings going on inside the person and thus he/she finds it impossible to for him to forget his/her partner.

5. The Expectations That You Had From Each Other:-

Two partners always have some intentions from each other. These intentions can be good for the one who takes relationship seriously, but these can also be bad or cruel for someone who wishes to use and ditch his/her partner. The one who has good intentions will always expect something good from his/her relationship and when the same relationship meets the worse, it makes it impossible for you to be able to forget your partner not because you love him/her now, but because you hate him/her the most in your life.


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