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First Date Etiquette, First Dating Tips With A Girl

First Date Etiquette, First Dating Tips With A Girl


There was a friend of mine who loved a girl, one day she accepted his proposal for a date and they both decided to meet in a restaurant, but the boy was late, the girl had reached twenty minutes before and was feeling frustrated over boy’s act of reaching late. The boy even forgot to greet her or even to shake hands with her.

First Date Etiquette, First Dating Tips With A Girl

First Date Etiquette

The girl still kept calm and tried to be normal with him, but he started shivering all of a sudden when she tried to shake hands with him. He paid a huge tip to waiter, but all went in vain, the girl was not impressed and the date had been spoiled. Not just with him, but this happens with most of us who forget the etiquette of first date. In this article we are up with some first date etiquette that help you to make your first date turn to a lifelong relationship. You just need to follow these simple steps for it.

1. Remember To Shake Hands When Your Reach:-

Whenever you reach the destined place, remember to shake hands with your partner. We should try to make our partner feel secure with us in order to gain his/her trust and to shake hands is the best way to do so.

2. Remember To Compliment Your Partner:-

Who doesn’t like compliments? Remember to pass a compliment to your partner like on the way he or she looks or about the way he or she smiles. But remember, the compliments should not exceed a limit. Remember, two or three compliments are normal. Do not exceed this limit.

3. Focus On The Main Thing:-

Don’t forget the main motive of date. You are there to impress your partner to be in relationship with him or her. Ask his or her hobbies, likes, dislikes and ask her/him to place an order. Don’t ever talk about the past. To focus on present and future is the main and necessary thing.

4. Never Swear On Anything:-

If your partner asks you something, never swear about anything. Those who keep on swearing about everything appear to be fake sometimes. Be genuine, original and talk decently enough as to put a positive impact on your partner.

5. Never Fight With Waiter:-

Sometimes a guy starts fighting with the waiter either to show the girl that he is muscular or to have an impact on the girl. It happens sometimes if the delivery or service is late. But girls never like this. Be gentlemen and behave properly. Behave decently even with the waiter.

6. Never Smoke Or Come Drunk:-

Never drink or smoke on your first date. Be genuine and look genuine. Reach the date in time or before time. Sometimes what happens, one of the partners has applied a perfume or deodorant with hard to bear smell what irritates the other partner. This should not happen. Though we do not say that you should not use perfume, but you should use a mild deodorant with normal smell that does not irritates anybody.


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