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How to Find a Good Private Teacher

How to Find a Private Teacher


Parents of today are just like “Hitler” for their children. Whenever you think about sitting with your parents for a while, they make you fed up throwing countless examples of what neighboring uncle’s son has achieved in his academic life or what one of their relative’s son/daughter has achieved in life. This is partially right to some extent as they care about your future.

How to Find a Good Private Teacher

How to Find a Good Private Teacher

In today’s world of competition, even scoring a distinction does not means a secured future as these days the students are securing as good as 100% marks and still they expect one extra mark for good handwriting. In order to bring about the desired improvement in your marks, a private teacher is better option and you can look for him following the tips mentioned below.

1. Never Think About Big:-

If you are a student lower than intermediate grade, the air conditioned tuition and coaching centers where most of the girls and boys of your town reach for taking coaching classes must be your dream coaching class right? Well, these coaching institutes never serve education, but instead most of them just make business. A class with a single tutor and hundreds of students can’t ever make the teacher focus on each and every student and thus I would like to discourage you if you have planned to join one such big institute.

2. Take Free Trial Classes:-

Even if you have a tutor on your knowledge or if you have planned to call a tutor from some private big institute, you should first of all take a “free trial class” from him. The money should never be paid in advance. If you pay the money in advance, the tutor will take unexpected leaves and would take you as a business commodity rather than a student. Make payments only at the end of a specific month.

3. Do not run After the Costly Tutors:-

Never think that more fees mean better results and instead cheap tutors can also prove to make you get passed with flying colors. You can use internet to find a private tutor for you. The online websites like OLX, Quikr etc. also offer you with an option to select a home tutor from your area. Just open one such internet website, search for a tutor and take a trial class. Confirm him as your teacher only one you are confirmed that you are able to grasp what he/she teaches you.

4. Contact With A Local Coaching Institute:-

Some local coaching institutes also offer you home tuitions at reasonable prices, but you should never go with the ones who treat students as a package. These days, many coaching institutes take yearly advance from you with a quote that they are taking it for the entire year till your syllabus gets finished. Such a teacher tries his best to finish the syllabus as soon as possible so that he may leave you and pick some other teaching contract. Never let yourself get befooled with such private tutors. Self study or internet classes rather prove to be an option better than such a teacher.


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