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How to File Transfer using Teamviewer

How to Team Viewer File Transfer


Team Viewer is a kind of remote desktop administration tool which you can download in your device as an application. This application can be bought in use to transfer files, administrate your computer desktop, accessing the files and folders and also to copy or move any sort of file between any two devices. According to my personal experience, this application serves to be the best way of file sharing. If you have this application downloaded on your device, you can easily share files with it following these simple steps:-

How to File Transfer using Teamviewer

How to File Transfer using Teamviewer

1. You Should Have the Application on Both Devices:-

There are some conditions for transferring files with a team viewer file transfer application and one of these conditions includes you to have a copy of the same application in both the devices. Suppose if you wish to send some file from your personal computer to your Android smart phone, you will have to install the application on your computer as well as your Android smart phone for making a transfer of files between both the gadgets.

2. Launch the Desktop Team Viewer Client:-

Now, after you install the team viewer software in both the devices, you will have to launch the team viewer client on your desktop. This will facilitate you with a facility to log-in your team viewer account and once you make a log-in, you can easily transfer files between both the devices.

3. Tap the Connect Button: –

After launching the desktop team viewer client, you will have to tap the connect button. For this purpose you have to enter the log-in I.D. and password first. After entering both these essentials, you can easily Tap connect with partner option in order to make connection with the other device say. Your Android smart phone. Both the devices should have their team-viewer application opened/run till this time.

4. Click Remote Control on Your Desktop Application: –

Now here comes the option to choose files which need to be transferred amongst both the gadgets. In order to choose the files that need to be sent to the other device, you will have to Click file transfer mode and then you have to click the file transfer option. After selecting this option, you can easily select any kind of file that you wish to exchange from one gadget to the other.

5. Drag and Drop the Files Selected:-

You have to drag and drop the file that you wish to transfer to the other gadget into transfer file section now. You can choose any number of files, selecting them and then dropping them to this place. You can also choose the files by opening a respective folder in order to view files stored in it.

6. Click Send To Send Files:-

After selecting the number of files which need to be sent to the other device, you can click the “send file” button to make the exchange. The exchange of the file will start soon and the time taken for this process to be accomplished will be displayed in front of you on the screen. The files transferred will automatically get saved on the other device.


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