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How to Figure Out GPA Based on Letter Grades

How to Figure Out GPA


After the concept of grading was adopted for boards, the report cards started to come with grades instead of the marks and the results now used to be announced in the form of G.P.A that is followed with most of the countries. Talking about the G.P.A, it came in fashion in India just a few years back when the boards were removed from the 10th class and then there begins an era of marks based on G.P.A which was not the criterion used to make judgment of the academic performance of students.

How to Figure Out GPA Based on Letter Grades (5 Steps)

How to Figure Out GPA Based on Letter Grades

1. Motive of G.P.A:-

Talking about our time when there was no system like this, the students used to appear in, the board exams that used to be a rat race for all. The student failing the boards had to suffer a lot and there were some cases of suicides reported as well. The boards were eliminated, then from 10th class and G.P.A system was introduced so as to prevent such cases and provide quality education opportunities to students.

2. Criterion For Grading:-

In order to figure out the G.P.A for a specific student, you will first of all need to get the desired criterion decided for grading for a specific country or region and then according to that specified grading strategy, you will need to divide the marks that a student has got in the form of grades.

3. Conversion To The Equivalent Points:-

The teaches who chooses to give students the grading based on the G.P.A system, will be provided with a marking scheme to make conversion to the equivalent points like suppose the decided criterion for it is to give 9 G.P.A for 90 marks, the student that has scored 90 marks will be given 9 points according to the G.P.A system and will be given the grade specified to that score only.

4. Report It In The Card:-

After making the desired conversion to the equivalent points considering the criterion for grading, the student’s report card is then prepared in which the subject wise grading is mentioned along with the academic progress that he had made and then after the report card gets duly filled, the report card is then pasted up with the student’s picture along with the other details like his class, name, roll no. etc.

5. Grace Included:-

If a student has secured poor marks and has been graced to lift him up to the next class, obviously the score given to him will be less and the grade will also be less. Well, earlier the desired percentage to clear any class used to be 33%, but after the arrival of G.P.A system, there is no student who fails and instead he gets a negative score. Though the students can be promoted to the next class depending on the policies of a school, but still a poor G.P.A score means he has promoted passed that class.


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