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How to Fight Inflammation in the Body with Food

How to Fight Inflammation in the Body with Food?


Inflammation refers to the state of the body when we experience a kind of burning like sensation in it. Inflammation is a part of complex biological response of body tissues towards the harmful stimuli such as pathogens and damages cells or irritants which brings about a kind of pain, heating effect, swelling and loss of functioning related to a particular part of the body. Generally, a body part experiences inflammation in order to provide a protective response to that particular part. It eliminates the initial cause of cell injury and helps to clear off the damages tissues as well. Here are some ways in which you can fight with inflammation if it has happened to you:-

How to Fight Inflammation in the Body with Food?

How to Fight Inflammation in the Body

1. Eat Fruits like Pine-Apple:-

Fruits like Pineapple are rich in the content of Bromelain, which proves to act as a tranquilizer against inflammation because of any reason. This content gets absorbed when we take pine-apple in our diet and after getting absorbed, it fights with any kind of inflammation and pain that the body is experiencing.

2. Drink Milk Mixed With Turmeric:-

Turmeric, which is one of the kitchen spices that you bring in use while cooking food can also be bought in use for fighting inflammation. It has got an infection and inflammation fighting properties and besides this, it is anti-septic and antibiotic in nature as well. Turmeric rather provides a healing kind of effect even if you apply it directly on your wounds.

3. Take Olive Oil:-

We know that omega-three acids can help an individual to reduce the amount of inflammation that he or she experiences. Olive oil has been found rich in oleic acid, which proves helpful in fighting with any kind of inflammation in the body. Besides this, it is not even connected with any kind of side effects as well. Fishes are also rich in a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids and thus even they can be added to such an individual’s diet.

4. White Willow Juice:-

The juice out of white willow bark or leaves can also be consumed after adding some turmeric to it in order to reduce inflammation. White willow was one of the medicinal plants which were bought in use even in the times of kings and queens to reduce inflammation and pain. White willow is rather easy to find in villages as well as cities or else you can locate it in a nursery.

5. Start Eating Egg Yolk Added with Milk:-

Take a glass of milk and add the yolk out of 2-3 eggs to it. Put this mixture in a bowl and mix it up. Use this mixture in bowl as your morning breakfast and you will experience that inflammation will soon get vanished as it had never even arrived or occurred to you.

6. Drink Maximum Water and Eat Nuts:-

It is one of the proven facts that when you drink enough water daily, most of your body systems start working properly and there are less chances of experiencing inflammation as well. Besides this, you can start consuming nuts and dry fruits as an added approach against inflammation and pain associated with it.


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