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Why Does your Fever Increase at Night

Why Fever Increases During Night


Fever is a stage of temperature rise in which a person experiences a sudden rise of temperature. This can be a case of viral fever or it can be caused by a mosquito bite. A fever, which is caused because of seasonal change generally gets treated automatically after some time, but most of the mosquito generated or viral fever takes time and proper care to be treated. It has also been noticed that some kind of fevers include temperature to go down during the day but it significantly increases during night. Many reasons can be given to this statement, some of which can be described as follows:-

Why Does your Fever Increase at Night

Why Does your Fever Increase at Night

1. Understanding the Body Temperature:-

The temperature of the human body even in the normal stage keeps on changing or varying. Let me make you understand how the body temperature changes. There is a small gland in the base of brain called Hypothalamus. It serves as a kind of thermostat for the human body. It regulated the body temperature by secreting hormones in small pulses and communicates with the vital organs of body to keep the temperature adjusted according to external factors. The same gland makes us experience a shivering kind of effect when we are exposed to decrease in temperature as the body tries to increase its temperature in such a time to adjust it according to its needs.

2. Why We Feel Cold Sometimes with Fever:-

Fever often comes to us with a feeling of chill. Actually, the body is trying to warm itself in such a stage, but the same hypothalamus gland tells you that your body is still cold and you experience a kind of chilling effect. This is done in order to adjust abnormal internal thermostat setting of the body.

3. What Happens At Night:-

Just like when you experience the weather of cold, your body tries to adjust its temperature to stay warm. The body also tries to keep itself cool when we are experiencing the state of fever. In case of some fevers when the body temperature rises above hundred or more, the same hypothalamus gland tries to keep your body temperature normal by resetting it to the one that is higher than normal and we experience the increase of fever at this particular point of time.

4. Why This Happens:-

The hypothalamus gland secretes hormonal chemicals 24×7 to keep body temperature reset and adjusted. When we are engaged in a physical activity, say muscle movements, breathing etc, and a suitable amount of energy is released from the body in the form of heat. This keeps the body temperature slightly low while at night, the hypothalamus gland tries to reset the temperature and we experience increase of fever at this time.

5. Getting More Simple:-

If I try to make you understand in more simpler words, The human body follows a schematic functioning of each and every gland in the body to bring about the responses. Brain is the master organ in all such activities. When we are sick of fever, the same brain signals the rest of human body to increase the normal body temperature and thus we experience a rise of temperature during night.


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