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Awesome Feeling of First Lip Kiss



Whenever I think about that incident I feel tempted to live that moment again. I had completed 21 monsoons of my life but I was still a virgin, not just a virgin but I had not even kissed a girl.

How stressful it was in itself can be understood only by someone who suffered it. i cursed my self from inside whenever i watched kissing scene in films. i was smart by appearence and that is why i was always in friendship with girls. But to kiss is a far off thing, I could not even dare to hold the hand of some girl. “GOD FAVOURS THE BRAVE” thinking it only, i kept on holding the hands of hope. I had made a new new girlfriend, she used to phone me much more than requirement.

Awesome Feeling of First Lip Kiss Experience - HowFlux

Awesome Feeling of First Lip Kiss

One day i was watching “Garam Masala” of “Akshay Kumar” and she phoned me, i received it and cut it saying i will talk to you later. Actually i am a severe fan of Akshay Kumar and i don’t like doing anything in between his film. After it my friend used to start teasing me by saying bad words about Akshay kumar and i used to cut off her phone.

One day, only my friend and me were at home and due to my habit of not listening any word about akshay kumar, she started teasing me by calling me “gay”. and despite of my refusing when she did not stop then i said”  don”t tell me afterwards, why did i do that !” but she kept on saying in an encouraging manner “what can you do ? you gay !” and in no time i understood that even she wants what i want.

Suddenly from where did “Imran Hashmi” came inside me, i grabbed and held her tightly in my arms and put my lips on her lips. For about 2 minutes the bumble –bee kept on sucking the juice of the bud. When i got a fart of her ,the happiness inside me was saying me to dance. But my friend had bought tears in her eyes. May be it is mandatory for all the girls so that the boy may think that she is innocent. but the dumbo didn’t know it was of no use in front of me. I had accepted her as the goddess who fulfills my wishes.

I kept on consoling her for some time then started caressing her and the moment she got normal, The bumble-bee again got out of his sence and again i grabbed her in my arms. This time even the bud had become enthusiastic and my first lip kiss had not just taught me the A,B,C of love but made me a direct graduate in it.


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