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How It Feel When We Do Not Talk with Partner

How It Feel When We Do Not Talk


To talk with your partner is one of the best feelings in a relation-life. You are always worried about your partner even if there are some disturbances in your relationship. Sometimes in a relationship, one of the partners stop communicating with the other which is majorly because of some third person or a secret that you kept from your partner. Sometimes a big mistake committed from your side can also result in such a situation. When one of the partners is not talking with the other, a plethora of feelings is generated from inside which does not just break you but your heart also.

How It Feel When We Do Not Talk

How It Feel When We Do Not Talk with Partner

1. A Sense of Committing a Sin:-

When our partner does not talk with us because of some reason, we feel like there is a sense of committing a sin somewhere in us. We prefer to live solitary or alone during this time. We are hardly interested in anything during this time and even the food or a movie outing or a picnic does not appeals us in such a situation.

2. Sadness and Grief:-

During this time, we experience two kinds of mixed feelings. One of these feelings is the feeling of grief which makes us feel like we have lost something really precious. The other feeling is the feeling of sadness which makes us stay sad all the times. Both these feelings appear together in some of the cases.

3. Unexpected Tears:-

When two partners are not talking, tears are likely to arrive in both of their eyes unexpectedly even if you are the one who stopped talking. A person in such a situation will encounter tears again and again, even if he or she washes his/her face.

4. You Can’t Focus On Anything Else:-

In such a situation, you can’t focus on anything. You won’t feel like eating your food even if someone places it in front of you. Many a times you try to distract your mind by reading, writing or listening to music or watching television, but still you feel all these efforts to be useless as you are not able to focus on any of these.

5. Most of the Time You Just Keep Lying On Your Bed:-

A person in such a condition will not be active at all. He or she will be lying most of the time in bed thinking about the old past memories spend together with his/her partner. Nothing seems to be appealing during this time. In some of the cases, you are busy sending text messages giving countless reasons or explanations to your partner but all this goes in useless.

6. Even If you try to do something:-

You can’t concentrate on anything even if you try to do this forcefully. You are likely to reach your partner’s social networking profile multiple times even if he or she is not online. If you had made a mistake, you will be apologizing everywhere. Your mind will experience mixed kind of feelings during this stage.


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