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Why Do We Feel Tired After Waking Up

Why Do We Feel Tired After Waking Up


When we wake up from sleep, we often wake up feeling tired and exhausted. Some people never even feel it as time makes them accustomed of such lifestyle while some others who feel it often stay confused why this happened to them. I mean when you know that you had an excess of workload for last evening, you can manage to take it as a side effect of your workload, but when you were not exposed to such environment, but if you still experienced such situation, it is always likely to arise some questions in your mind. There can be many reasons to the question why you experience this kind of exhausting feeling of tiredness after waking up and some of these reasons can be explained as follows:-

Why Do We Feel Tired After Waking Up

Why Do We Feel Tired After Waking Up

1. May Be That You Are Experiencing Acid Reflux Problem:-

Even if you are not suffering from the problem of heartburn, acid reflux can still make your situation pathetic by resulting in a foul smell coming out of your mouth and by making your sleep uneven. It is said that when you experience the problem of acid reflux, your body stays in a state of partial awakening and thus you are likely to feel tired when you wake-up.

2. Nocturia, Your Worst Enemy:-

Nocturnal is the word that symbolizes the health problem associated with night in which you wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. When you experience an advance stage of this health problem, it can keep you in the state of awakeness for the rest of the night resulting in a feeling of tiredness.

3. Bruxism As A Mate of Tiredness:-

Another such problem related with night-sleep is bruxism. In this health problem, we experience disturbances with sleep, which keeps us awake during the night and as we stay awake during the night, we are much more likely to experience tiredness in the morning as well. This is also called teeth grinding. If you have any kind of doubts about this health problem, you can consult with a health specialist.

4. The Problem of Tossing And Turning In Bed:-

Some people keep on tossing and turning while they are in their sleep. In a survey it has been seen that when your sleep is full of tossing and turning because of lack of comfort, you are sure to wake-up feeling exhausted because of this effect.

5. Neck Pain Or Body Pain Or Pain In Joints:-

Sometimes even the patients of neck pain or body pain or even pain in joints do complaint that their nights are full of unrest and they are equally likely to experience the feeling of tiredness when they wake-up in the morning time. There are also some other activities that keep you less sleepy the during night and all such activities which prevent you from sleeping with comfort are always likely to make you feel exhausted and tired when you wake-up later on in the morning.


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