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How To Make Faux Marble Tumbled Tile

How To Make Faux Marble Tumbled Tile


Faux Marble Tumbled tiles are simply the choice of many who decorate their houses with it. Though using this approach for house decoration can prove costly and thus it is advised that you can try making such tiles at home. Making these tiles at home saves all the expenses that earlier you had to bear in order to get tiles for your house and you can use it for some other purpose. In order to make marble tumbled tiles at home, you can use the standard and less expensive tiles. You can even use the old tiles if they are kept spare at home. In order to make marble stumbled tiles with these less expensive tiles, you can follow these simple tips:-

How To Make Faux Marble Tumbled Tile

How To Make Faux Marble Tumbled Tile

1. Clean and Texture the Tiles:-

Here comes the time to clean the tiles and to texture them. We will make the tiles free from oils and dirt in this step.  The household cleaners can be bought in use for this approach. Repair the tiles with a caulk. The glaze needs to be removed in a proper manner afterwards with the help of an electronic sanding machine.

2. Make the Tiles Rough:-

We begin our faux tile making approach by taking the ordinary tiles and then making them rough enough to be transformed into tumbled look. We abrade these tiles using an electronic sander and once the glaze gets removed from their surface, we can use sandpaper to make them rough. Use protective gloves and eye gear while doing this. Vacuum the dust and keep the tiles aside now.

3. Apply a Base Coat of Paint:-

Now choose a shade of paint. This should be the same color that you wish to choose as the main color of your marble. Thin it out slightly with the help of paint thinner and then stir the paint until combined. Make several thin coats on the tile sheets using a foam brush after application of the first initial base coat to give them the tumbled look. Let the tiles get dried till next few hours.

4. The Faux Effect:-

Now place three large drops of color of your choice on a paper plate and then dip a sponge in all these three colors. Dab and smear the tiles to create marbled effect and then remove any extra paint by sponging it off. Dab the tiles and then leave them for getting dried. Use lighter shade of the same paint to give it the perfect effect.

5. Give it a perfect finishing:-

Here comes the time to give your tiles a perfect finishing effect. Give details to your work and add veins of the marble. You can dip a feather in the paint to give such details. Give them the desired proper finish that you desire taking inspiration from some new design of faux marble tumbled effect and then use it with your tiles.

6. Use urethane on tiles:-

Use urethane to protect the layer of your paint work. Wait for a few more hours and let the coat dry. Once dried, dust and buff the area with a rag. Apply a second coat and leave the tiles undisturbed. Your faux marble tumbled tiles will get ready this way.


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