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How Does Family Background Influence Lives

How Does Family Background Influence Lives


Family background really influences lives. For example, a student who comes to a city from village in order to study always finds himself alienated from the rest of crowd and this is the only reason why it takes time for such a person to adjust with the surroundings. Your family background can really affect your lives in both positive as well as negative ways and there can be many situations in life where family background acts as an impediment in your way. The ways in which family background influences our lives can be explained as follows:-

How Does Family Background Influence Lives

How Does Family Background Influence Lives

1. People Check Your Family Background Even When You Get Married:-

Suppose you are in love with someone and you even get succeeded in convincing his/her family for marriage, but as it is the matter of their child’s entire future, they will surely enquire about your background reaching your ancestral village or your living city. Background is thus of a great importance even we think that we have left it behind.

2. Proves to Be Strength When You Have a Strong Background:-

When you have a strong background, you get a plenty of resources because of it. For example, if you are born in the family of a politician, it will itself open a way for you to become a politician as you will always stay in contact with people in power and thus having a strong background can prove to be of a great strength for you.

3. Proves to Be a Weakness When You Have Negative Background:-

When you are from a negative or poor background, you will always lack resources and this will prove to be an impediment in your way. People never judge a person by his nature, but by his background in most of the societies and thus you stay at a weak side when you have a negative background.

4. Village Boycotted is always boycotted:-

If your father or forefathers had been boycotted from their ancestral village because of some reason, it means that the same village had closed all its doors and ways for you. A village boycotted person is always boycotted and this includes even his family. When we talk about your background, even your ancestral background is counted in it.

5. Feeling Alienated From the Rest of Crowd:-

The one with a not so good background always feels alienated from the rest of crowd. Most of the people in society judge us by our background. Let me make you understand this with the help of same example that I had given you in the beginning. A student who has recently arrived in city from a backward village will always stay isolated from the rest of crowd because most of them won’t like to do friendship with him because of his not so attractive looks, clothes and hairstyle.

6. Even Your Dressing Sense and Ways of Living are not accepted sometimes:-

What will you say if a girl enters in Delhi University wearing a ghagraa choli? Obviously you will start making a fun of such lady and most of you will ask her if she has come in a fancy dress competition. The attire will be normal for the person who belongs to a place where ghagra choli is a traditional dress, but the same attire won’t be acceptable in a place where people do not wear it.


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