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Information and Facts About the Titanic

Information and Facts About the Titanic


RMS Titanic was a voyage ship that met its doom when it was trying to make way through its maiden voyage through the Atlantic Ocean with 6 calls of warning that it paid no heed to and finally got struck with an iceberg which tore it apart in pieces making it meet its end. It took nearly 3 hours for titanic to get sunk and along with it more than 1500 lives met their end which was more due to the chilling weather with temperature in minus degrees centigrade more than because of water. Titanic unfortunately did not even have the requisite number of rescue boats what proved to make the situation more devastating. If you wish to know more about titanic, here we have bought some facts about its journey for you.

Information and Facts About the Titanic

Information and Facts About the Titanic

1. The Main Specifications of the Ship:-

Length of the Titanic was around 269.1 meters, which is about 882 feet and 9 inches. Nearly $7,500,000 was spent in building titanic and it had all sorts of luxuries in it including the dining halls, public gathering places, bars etc. Titanic could carry 3547 passengers on it at one time and there was a plenty of food as well as beverages for the passengers over the ship.

2. The Capacity of the Ship:-

The ship could carry as much as 3547 passengers on it, but there were only 31.6% of them who survived this incident. More than 50% of people could have been saved if there would have been a proper number of lifeboats over the ship at that time when this incident took place.

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3. The Rescue Specifications:-

Titanic was equipped to carry 64 lifeboats in total for the rescue purposes in case any unfortunate takes place with the ship but that day titanic was actually carrying only 20 lifeboats. This served to make the situation worse and many of the people had to die on board while the ship was getting sunken.

4. The Facilities and Luxuries:-

There were all sorts of luxuries on the titanic with separate space for the VIP’s. There were dancing halls, dining halls as well as party halls and pubs. It is said that there were more than 10,000 lamps over the ship and it took the power of dozens of horses just to lift the ship’s anchor.

5. The Exact Time and Reason for This Unfortunate Happening:-

The RMS Titanic met its doom at 11.40pm on the night of 14 April 1912 when it was making a way for it through the Atlantic Ocean due to an iceberg that caused this accident and at that time the ship was on its way to New York. The ship took 3 hours to get sunken and got completely submerged in the sea at around 2.20am on the morning of 15 April. There was a movie released later on the story of titanic. The movie also depicts a fact that there was the presence of a diamond over the ship that is supposed to be responsible for the curse of titanic.


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